Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality by Mind Map: Virtual Reality

1. Introduction

1.1. Pros and cons

1.1.1. Pros Great visualization for students. Student engagement.

1.1.2. Cons Takes away human connections in traditional classroom. Digital Addiction

1.1.3. Theory That VR can reduce the gap between the learner's knowledge and reality they're living in.

2. Pedagogy

2.1. Student Learning

2.1.1. Powerful tool for core classes (English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Also other classes like Art, Music, P.E. Computers, etc. Development of online learning when it comes to distance.

2.2. Examples of VR use in schools.

2.2.1. Opava City, Czech Republic teaching students the anatomy of the eye in biology. A school In Melbourne, Australia, and Boston, Massachusetts took part in a international exchange playing Minecraft.

2.3. Other

2.3.1. Been used in the military for training. Been used in the medical field to demonstrate surgeries.

2.4. Educational impact

2.4.1. VR gear Google, Samsung, Windows 10 have gears for students to use.

2.4.2. With VR, students can create videos to become part of the footage. Students can be creative when using their imagination.

3. Controversy

3.1. Violence

3.1.1. Virtual games on XBOX and PlayStation VR in the military doing scenarios. Experts fear that people won't show empathy or compassion. With video games, there are games with violence. VR is first-person game.

3.1.2. Virtual criminality Experts worry that people can commit crimes within the virtual environment. People can get hurt or get distressed due to the other person's actions.

4. Suggestions

4.1. Inequality

4.1.1. School districts with money can get VR easily. While other schools with no money can't the VR.

4.2. Conclusion

4.2.1. With security and what students are doing, they need to be taught how to use it properly.

4.2.2. We need to show students what people in this world do with VR that can be unethical. It starts in the classroom.

4.2.3. We have a long way to go to get schools this kind of technology in the classroom.

4.2.4. Maybe raise money or get a grant to get the VR equipment.