Aplication Software

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Aplication Software by Mind Map: Aplication Software

1. Application Software

1.1. The Role of System Software

1.2. Working with Application Software

2. Business Software

2.1. Word Procressing Software

2.2. Note Taking Software

2.3. Accounting Software

3. Graphics Ans Multimedia Software

4. Software Sor Home, Personal, And Educational Use

4.1. Legal Software

4.2. Clip Are/Image Gallery

5. Web Applications

6. Application Software For Communications

7. Learning Tools For Application Software

7.1. Web-Based Training

8. High-Tech Talk

9. Companies On The Cutting EDGE

9.1. Adobe Systems

9.2. Microsoft

10. Technology Traiblazers

10.1. Dan Bricklin

10.2. Masayoshi Son