Communication, how society shares and develops its ideas.

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Communication, how society shares and develops its ideas. by Mind Map: Communication, how society shares and develops its ideas.

1. "Through thinking and feeling, the socially competent person is able to detect and regulate behaviors that should be exhibited and ones that should be suppressed"

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

2.1. Words

2.1.1. Tone Body

3. Social Competence

3.1. Thinking

3.1.1. Feeling Behavior

3.2. Relationships

3.2.1. Cruelty Encouragement Heath

4. Emotions

4.1. Joy

4.1.1. Fear Sadness Anger

5. "A respect for activities which serve to benefit civilization is universal."

6. Socialbility

6.1. Cooperative

6.1.1. Autority Interaction Motivation

7. Personal Development

7.1. Basic Manners

7.1.1. Verbal communication Nonverbal communication Self control

8. Conveying a Message

8.1. Steps to Avoid obstructing your career.

8.2. Know your audience

8.3. Anticipate the reaction

8.4. Gauge and Modify for any circumstantial factors

8.5. Thoroughly understand your message

9. "When communication fails, the thoughts and ideas that you convey do not quite mirror your own."

10. An effective communicator

11. "Establish your credibility. Demonstrate thorough knowledge of your topic, familiarity with your audience."

12. Communication Process

12.1. Sender

12.1.1. Audience Channel Receiver

13. "Language is a system of rules regarding how sounds are made, sentences are constructed, contexts are assigned, and usage is construed."

14. Basis for Communication Behavior

14.1. Habits

14.1.1. Intentions Emotions

15. Establishing Identity

15.1. Ingroups

15.1.1. Role Demographic Affilliation

16. "When we communicate, our message is conveyed in three distinct ways."