Creating a product to aid the disabled

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Creating a product to aid the disabled by Mind Map: Creating a product to aid the disabled

1. Visual impairment

1.1. braille

1.1.1. braille signs in each room which state what room it is

1.1.2. braille watch

1.1.3. dynamic braille screen for phones and computers

1.2. Gadgets which work with sound

1.2.1. speakers placed around house to guide through rooms

1.3. guide dogs

1.3.1. dog bags

1.3.2. dog tracker

1.3.3. brail (and normal text) nametag for collar

1.4. eye patches

1.5. audio books

1.6. banister around house to use as guide

1.7. colour blind

1.7.1. screen adapters

1.7.2. glasses / lenses to help colour blindness

1.8. poorly sighted

1.8.1. glasses comfortable ergonomic rubber caps flexible snap resistant glasses for young children customizable glass designs for children

1.8.2. contact lenses

2. Sound impaired

2.1. products which work off light

2.1.1. flashing doorbell

2.1.2. very lound and flashing fire alarm

2.1.3. flashing light for phone notifications

2.1.4. flashing light burglar alarm

2.2. board games to help people learn sign language

2.3. gadget to automatically call emergency services

2.4. hearing aids

2.4.1. clear hearing aids

2.4.2. different designs for children super heroes princesses star wars

2.5. hand book for parents of deaf to help them learn sign language

2.6. educational videos on GCSE etc. topics for deaf children

2.7. specific cinema film viewings with subtitles

3. Cognitive impairment

3.1. children

3.1.1. products to help with focus fidget toys chew toys

3.1.2. board games to teach basic skills

3.2. adult

3.2.1. social issues book to help with social interaction board games

4. Physical disability

4.1. Paralysis

4.1.1. communication letter boards speakers

4.1.2. wheelchair gadets cup holder phone holder torch wheelchair panier

4.2. Missing body parts

4.2.1. adapters for every day items for easier use cutlery tv/ game controller keyboard/ mouse stationary

4.2.2. limb replacer storage inside synthetic limb gadgets for synthetic limbs

4.3. clothing