[RtR] BT - 7M - Navy Seals 40% Rule

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[RtR] BT - 7M - Navy Seals 40% Rule by Mind Map: [RtR] BT - 7M - Navy Seals 40% Rule

1. Jesse Itzler

1.1. Founder of

1.1.1. Marquis Jets

1.1.2. Zico Coconut Water

1.2. Owner of the NBA Team

1.2.1. Atlanta Hawks

1.3. He is an all around bad ass

1.3.1. .....a hugely successful entrepreneur

1.4. He is constantly pushing himself

1.4.1. To do great things

1.5. But his life changed forever one day....

2. Book: Living with a Seal

2.1. In this Video you will learn how Navy Seals get themselves to do the hardest things in life

2.1.1. Using the 40% Rule

2.2. The idea comes from the book "Living with a Seal" by Jesse Itzler

3. 100 mile race

3.1. Running a 100 mile race as part of a 6 person relay team

3.1.1. in San Diego

3.2. He noticed an interesting guy

3.2.1. This guy was running it entirely by himself

3.3. Kind of race where

3.3.1. You have to bring your own supplies

3.4. Itzler team

3.4.1. Brought all sorts of supplies Tent Masseuse Food etc

3.5. This guy

3.5.1. Just had a folding chair

3.5.2. Bottle of water

3.5.3. Crackers

3.6. Itzler was intrigued by this guy

4. During the race

4.1. This guy = 260 lbs

4.2. Mile 70

4.2.1. He had broken all the small bones in both his feet

4.2.2. And his kidney was damaged

4.3. But he finished the race

4.4. David Goggins

4.4.1. Former Navy Seal

5. Itzler was really impressed

5.1. Wanted to learn from him

5.2. Itzler felt he was in a rut

5.3. So he asked him to live with his family for a month

5.3.1. He wanted to push the comfort zone

6. 1st day

6.1. Seal asked Itzler

6.1.1. How many push ups can you do? Itzler could do 8

6.1.2. Take 30 seconds and do it again did 6 ... struggling

6.1.3. Take 30 seconds and do it again did 3 ... done His arms were totally done

6.2. Seal said - we are not leaving here till you do a 100 more

6.2.1. And one by one Itzler got 100 done

6.3. Itzler learned

6.3.1. We are capable of so much more than we think

6.3.2. We have so much more in our reserve tank than we think we do

7. Seal would always say

7.1. When your mind is telling you that you are done.... you are only 40% done

7.2. He had a Motto: If it doesn't suck, we don't do it

7.2.1. That was his way of forcing himself to get uncomfortable every single day So that he would grow

8. the 40% rule

8.1. You can give or take a little bit on the 40%

8.2. But look at a marathon

8.2.1. Most people hit a wall at around mile 12-16

8.3. But they still finish

8.4. So where is that extra 50-60% coming from?

8.4.1. The brain is saying: I am done. I don't want to continue

8.5. But the Will is saying

8.5.1. I will get to the finish line

8.6. So we all have that will

8.6.1. The question is how do we apply it to Not just a marathon But any life endeavor

9. If you learned something new about pushing your limits

9.1. Please share it with someone who might benefit from it

9.2. I am sure there is someone in your life who needs to hear this message today