Belle's Happy Goals

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Belle's Happy Goals by Mind Map: Belle's Happy Goals

1. I will improve my writing ability. So I'm going to write a journal in a week.

2. Professional

2.1. I will improve my teaching skills. So I'm going to get an activity in every class I can apply to my class later.

2.2. I will improve my speaking ability. So I'm going to practice at least an article in a week to speak to my two classmates.

2.3. I will improve my reading ability. So I'm going to read at least 10 more pages in a reading class and write some good expressions and my opinion on my reading notebook.

3. Personal

3.1. I will go hiking Baekdu-san Mountain through the trail directly from home to North Korea with my husband in 20 years.

3.2. I will do Yoga for keeping my body healthy and flexible. So I'm going to take Yoga class three times in a week.

3.3. I will do meditation in a small hut in the peaceful garden. So I'm going to buy a small house with a beautiful garden. And I'm going to learn how to meditate at least once a week.

3.4. I will play the Haeguem happily and freely enough to play the music I like. So now I'm taking a lesson once a week.