Clinical Research Coordinator

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Clinical Research Coordinator by Mind Map: Clinical Research Coordinator

1. Principal Investigator

1.1. Written - Introductory emails, study research proposal, protocols, study design

1.2. Verbal - Meetings, stand-up sessions, in person interaction on research protocols, etc.

1.3. Body Language - Professional appearance, attentive facial expressions

2. Research Nurse

2.1. Written - Emails, printed handouts disseminating information on the study - outline, process, clinical approach.

2.2. Verbal - Meetings to discuss progress, alleviate concerns

2.3. Body Language - Attentive and reassuring

3. Data Administrator or Manager

3.1. Written - Email communication regarding study methodology, data design, study timeline

3.2. Verbal - Communicate data requirements, address concerns,

4. Study Subjects

4.1. Verbal - Detailed explanation about study objectives, role of participant, risks.

4.2. Body Language - Reassuring signals such as maintaining eye contact, leaning in, mirroring to develop rapport

4.3. Written - Sending out emails to ask people for participation, setting up meetings with medical practitioners to inform them about the study.

5. Study Sponsors

5.1. Written - Email communication, written communication for feasibility analysis questionaries

5.2. Verbal - Telephonic conversations in order to follow up on documentation, etc.

6. Research Ethics Coordinator

6.1. Written - Description of research proposal, study purpose, design, statistical analysis, protocols.

6.2. Verbal - Presenting research objectives to the ethics board and alleviating concerns.

6.3. Body Language - Confident posture and use of sincere open movements

7. Research Pharmacist

7.1. Written - Details about drug usage and dosage communicated

7.2. Verbal - Alleviate concerns, explain study protocols, methdology

8. Statistician or methodologist

8.1. Written - Detailed communication about study objectives, what is being researched. Communication about statistical findings.

8.2. Verbal - Telephonic and in person meetings to address concerns, clarify confusion regarding data analysis