[RtR] 5 Books - When you are struggling in Life

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[RtR] 5 Books - When you are struggling in Life by Mind Map: [RtR] 5 Books - When you are struggling in Life

1. Man's search for meaning

1.1. Viktor Frankl was a Nazi concentration camp survivor

1.1.1. And a Psychologist

1.2. During the darkest of times in the concentration camps he came to realize that

1.2.1. Meaning will help us survive the toughest of conditions

1.3. We have to be able to find meaning in midst of challenges and suffering

1.3.1. Suffering stops being suffering when there is meaning behind it

1.4. When you are really struggling and life seems like a burden... and the challenge seems unending

1.4.1. Realize That meaning will guide you through the toughest of challenges

1.4.2. The meaning will help you stay strong no matter how difficult the situation gets

1.5. SO right now, if you are going through hard times

1.5.1. You need to find meaning

1.5.2. Is the meaning that Life is hard and I hate this struggle Or that I am becoming stronger as a result of this struggle I will not stop .... I want to see what I am made of I am doing this so that I can look back and be proud of what I have accomplished

1.5.3. Finding that meaning will change everything about this current struggle

2. Touching the Void

2.1. When the goal seems impossible

2.1.1. 1985 climbing expedition When climbing Peruvian Andes

2.1.2. Broken right leg Left for dead by his friend In a crevasse Bitterly Cold In the Mountains

2.1.3. He was not sure he would survive In the unforgiving mountainous terrains Bitterly cold No help coming No one in sight He was ready to give up

2.1.4. But he stopped obsessing about whether he would survive He instead started playing a game with himself Set his wrist watch timer for 20 minutes And gave himself a target to get to in 20 minutes Crawling all the way

2.1.5. And 20 mins by 20 mins by 20 mins

2.1.6. He crawled for 60 hours

2.1.7. Made his way back to basecamp by dragging himself for 60 hours Along the foot prints of his partner Loosing 42 lbs in 3 days

2.1.8. Even if the goal seems impossible We can take one more step towards it Every step counts Action Guided by values not feelings We might give up for moments. But we rise up again Recommended reading/videos/mindmap: Executive Toughness Relentless Solution Focus

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4. Obstacle is the Way

4.1. Change your perspective on the obstacle

4.1.1. We can't change the obstacle

4.1.2. But we can change how we perceive obstacles And that change in perspective will change how the obstacle appears to us

4.1.3. George Clooney first few years in Hollywood Got rejected at a lot auditions Changed his perspective Casting is an obstacle for producers as well. I am their solution Started landing roles!

5. Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

5.1. Marcus Aurelius:

5.1.1. Roman Emperor At the time, the most powerful man in the world 170 AD In his tent at the front lines of

5.1.2. "Our actions may be impeded . . . but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accommodate and adapt. The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting." "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

5.1.3. He is literally imploring you to understand that The obstacle that is currently in your path Is not bad for you There is not such thing as a Setback Problem Obstacle It is good for you Because it is the Way forward The obstacle is the key to unlocking your greatness This is simply an opportunity to do great things

5.1.4. This is a philosophy for the most resilient amongst us How different would your life be If right now in the middle of this struggle You saw this as something good Something that is an opportunity to do greatness?

6. Awaken the Giant Within

6.1. Questions

6.1.1. When you are struggling You are asking the wrong questions Why me? When will this end? Why am I being subjected to this pain? How does it feel right now?

6.1.2. Difference in people = difference in questions they ask

6.1.3. They change our thoughts They change what we are focussing on

6.1.4. They create the quality of our lives

6.1.5. Questions you ask and the questions you fail to ask

6.1.6. Questions are the lens of our consciousness

6.1.7. Questions change the resources available to us

6.1.8. Power questions Why do I know I will overcome this struggle? How is this struggle making me stronger How can I turn this challenge into an advantage for me? How will I feel when I have defeated this struggle?

7. If you feel that you are going through some tough times

7.1. You feel like you have been struggling

7.1.1. And there is no end in sight to this struggle

7.2. And life seems extremely difficult

7.3. Well, these books will inspire you and allow you to find your greatness