Clinical Research Coordinator communications

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Clinical Research Coordinator communications by Mind Map: Clinical Research Coordinator  communications

1. Data Manager

1.1. Verbal Communication: In person discussion/ telecom phone calls with investigator/ additional study staff

1.2. Written Communication: Emails, graphs, figures, budgets

2. Off-site Staff

2.1. Written Communication: ensuring clear instructions for off-site specimen analysis, email confirmation of timelines/due dates

2.2. Verbal communication: phone calls, in-person confirmation of tests needed and description of results

3. Study Participants

3.1. Verbal communication: providing description of symptoms, in person conversations/ phone calls

3.2. Visual communication: sharing graphs and figures

3.3. Written communication: confirmation of consent, information packages, emails

3.4. Nonverbal communication:positive and reassuring body language

4. Ethics Review Board

4.1. Verbal Communication: In person discussion/ phone calls

4.2. Written Communication: Emails, graphs, figures for review for approval

5. Study Investigator

5.1. Written Communication: email updates, editing/maintenance of SOPs

5.2. Verbal Communication: updates on study subjects i.e. if they are healthy/experiencing any effects due to intervention, phone calls, telecoms

5.3. Visual Communication: sending study projections via graphs and figures

5.4. Non-Verbal Communication: positive body language

6. Medical Staff

6.1. Verbal Communication: talking about study subjects, reporting to study investigator with any important updates to subject condition

6.2. Written Communication: patient progress notes, emails with other study staff,

7. Study Sponsor

7.1. Written Communication: Signing of documents pertaining to official sponsorship, approving of protocols

7.2. Verbal Communication: phone calls, in-person discussion of study progress

7.3. Visual communication: Study updates through graphs and figures