Learner LMS Experience

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Learner LMS Experience by Mind Map: Learner LMS Experience

1. Before LOGIN

1.1. Login Page

1.1.1. Cover Shangri-La Academy Branding

1.1.2. Language preference

1.1.3. Login - Training Guide Navigation How-to's Optional

1.1.4. Login Single sign on Stay logged in

1.1.5. Forgot username/password

1.1.6. Blocked username/password

2. After LOGIN

2.1. User Dashboard

2.1.1. What's new Section Newsfeed from Shangri-La Academy New assigned courses New courses for self sign up New learning objects Content sharing from divisions/hotels/region/corporate Internal resource External resource

2.1.2. User Section User Profile AD name Country Property Division Title Email Messaging Inbox Draft Sent Deleted Push notification

2.1.3. Search Section Site search System function search Content search Essential/Functional/Leadership

2.1.4. Content Section My Learning Essential Programs Other Programs (Self sign up) Last viewed learning objects Catalogue Essential Functional Leadership Recommended Learning

2.1.5. Analytics

2.1.6. Calendar Section

2.1.7. Social Media Section Yammer Twitter LinkedIn Weibo

2.1.8. Help Section LMS Guide System navigation Process Workflows LMS Support Vendor Shangri-La Academy

2.1.9. Quick Links


3.1. Back to LOGIN page