Wetlands And Waterfowl Background Information!

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Wetlands And Waterfowl Background Information! by Mind Map: Wetlands And Waterfowl Background Information!

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1.1. wetlands

1.1.1. Wetlands are the most important habitat for waterfowl because they occur where dry land meets the water there are many threats to the wetlands

1.1.2. there are many types of wetland

1.1.3. Wetlands play important role for waterfowl

1.2. Waterfowl

1.2.1. Wood duck wood ducks arrive in Michigan from southern wintering areas typically in March. 8 inch water is ideal for a hungry wood duck grounds

1.2.2. Blue-winged teal breeding pairs of blue-winged teal prefer seasonal flooded, shallow wetlands Like the wood duck, the blue-winged teal is mostly found in 8 inch water

1.2.3. Mallard the breeding range of mallards is the most extensive of any duck species hens normally like grasslands including hay fields, in witch to lay their eggs