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Rocket clouds by Mind Map:

1. Home

1.1. I want be able to successfully describe myself, the purpose of the website and how it will interest the viewer.

1.1.1. Social Media Icons: I will add Weebly Social Media icons and will have at least one entry about them.

1.1.2. Optional Logo: Add a possible logo to the banner of website with my name included in it.

2. Contact

2.1. I want to have a pain free, simple way for people to contact me. Be it to ask a question, give feedback on the website, etc.

2.1.1. Social Media icons: I will add Weebly Social media icons to this page.

3. Course Projects

3.1. I want to have this section of my website be what makes people come back and read more of my content. This part of the website is where the core of information i hope to give will be located.

3.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: A photo will be edited to demonstrate how editing can be helpful to learning the topic

3.1.2. Graphic Design/QR Code: Will be made for business card.

3.1.3. Social Media PPT: Mine will be about Technologies within the U.S. Military

3.1.4. Google Form: A survey will be made to assess

3.1.5. Infographic: Use statistics

4. Professional Resources

4.1. This part of the site will contain resources for my website visitors to further their knowledge after reading my content.

5. Blog

5.1. The blog will be have at least one post discussing Emerging technologies.

6. Tagline

6.1. To inform the general public on the technological advancements of the U.S. Military, and to educate the general public on its importance.