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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. what are the rules of engagement?

1.1. how will they sign in?

1.2. How will they communicate with me?

1.3. how will I communicate with them?

1.4. how will they learn these new rules?

1.5. what is the medium of engagement?

2. what do they need to learn?

2.1. what is the expectation?

2.2. what are the projects?

2.3. backwards design?

2.4. look at the common core

2.5. what has the district decided/planned?

2.6. how can I integrate technology?

3. how will I know they have gained or mastered skills?

3.1. what assessments will I use?

3.2. what projects can they work on?

3.3. how much freedom can I provided?

3.4. how much grading do I want to do?

3.5. how can I integrate technology?

3.6. what is the final?

3.7. backwards design?