ATLs informing the school culture

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ATLs informing the school culture by Mind Map: ATLs informing the school culture

1. Approaches to teaching

1.1. Inquiry

1.1.1. Teachers as facilitators, parental involvement on injury based learning projects

1.2. Conceptual understanding

1.2.1. Conceptualising the whole school development plan to reinforce the direction of the school, language of learning

1.3. Developed in local and global contexts

1.3.1. Promoting the IB notion of International mindedness, global contexts approached from different angles, not only related to economics, school commitment to provide authentic global and international experiences for the whole community

1.4. Effective teamwork and collaboration

1.4.1. Space and opportunities for real collaboration (C1, Standards and Practice), culture of sharing, strong teaching appraisal program

1.5. Differentiated

1.5.1. Language and curriculum accessible to all, differentiated communication to the school community

1.6. Informed by assessment

1.6.1. Summative and, especially, formative assessment enabling reflection, opportunities for target setting where students, teachers and parents can participate

2. Approaches to learning

2.1. Thinking Skills

2.1.1. CAS-quality reflection in their journals,development of higher order thinking skills, school culture of reflection and learning from mistakes, time and space to review school development plans

2.2. Research Skills

2.2.1. Academic honesty embraced by all school members, empowering the role of the librarian, promoting a culture of learning, active involvement of the parental community on this

2.3. Communication Skills

2.3.1. Developing an awareness of audience when communicating orally or in writing by students, staff and administrative staff

2.4. Social Skills

2.4.1. Delegating on others, collaborative planning, reaching decisions that affect the whole school positively through refection and active participation, listening skills

2.5. Self-management Skills

2.5.1. Meeting deadlines, resilience, stress management for the whole school, strategies to balance work and personal life