Valuation of intangible assets in global operations

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Valuation of intangible assets in global operations by Mind Map: Valuation of intangible assets in  global operations

1. Calculating the value is a key

1.1. Brand

1.2. Alliances

1.3. Acquisition

1.4. Software

2. When to be measured:

2.1. A company sale, merger, or acquisition

2.2. Sale, purchase, or licensing of separable assets

2.3. Lawsuits involving intellectual property infringement

2.4. Tax liability calculations

2.5. Corporate alliances

2.6. R&D management

3. Stronger protection of intellectual property has been a centerpiece of negotiations at the World Trade Organization

4. Measurement

4.1. Key question

4.2. Affects purchase price

4.3. Helps structuring

4.3.1. Mantain subsequent relationship

5. Salient points

5.1. We live in a commercial world

5.1.1. Meaning there are a lot of transactions going on every day A key isssue on this is putting a value on intangible assets or corporate knowledge

5.2. No one is yet satisfied with techniques used for valuation of intangibles

6. Types of corporative knowlegde

6.1. Intellectual Property Rights

6.2. Intellectual Assets

6.3. Human and Organizational Capital

7. Information is not always knowledge

7.1. Knowledge is insufficient

7.1.1. For competitiveness, knowledge must be assimilated and embedded in its personnel.

7.1.2. Knowledge plus wisdom in how to use that knowledge

8. It is difficult to put a value although several calculation methods exist.