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Syncope by Mind Map: Syncope

1. Cardiac

1.1. Structural Abrnomalities

1.1.1. Valvular Heart Diseases: aortic stenosis most common

1.1.2. Emboli: pulmonary embolism

1.1.3. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

1.2. Heart Rhythm Abrnomalities

1.2.1. Tachyarrhythmias: SVT, Vtach

1.2.2. Bradyarrhythmias: heartblock

2. Non-Cardiac

2.1. Neurocardiogenic

2.1.1. "Vasovagal" response, ie. after exercising

2.2. Orthostatic Syncope

2.2.1. Unable to tolerate sudden change in position, ie. on antihypertensives

2.3. Situational Syncope

2.3.1. ie. choking, coughing, bowel movement

2.4. Psychiatric Cause

2.4.1. ie. anxiety, panic disorder, hyperventilation syndrome