M&M - Mine & Money

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M&M - Mine & Money by Mind Map: M&M - Mine & Money

1. Usability

1.1. It is getting in and out of the game as well as setting its options and configurations

1.2. Main menu

1.2.1. Start Starts the game A method to load by scene index Map setup screen Select AI difficulty level Select resources abundancy 2 pre made maps Must load maps at runtime

1.2.2. Options Song Volume Slider Disable song Back button Returns to main menu

1.2.3. Credits <Future - Final> Write it Back button

1.2.4. Quit Closes game

1.3. Pause menu

1.3.1. Resume Unpause the game and unfreezes everything

1.3.2. Exit to main menu Returns to main menu Can use the same method to load by scene index as the main menu

1.3.3. Quit game Closes application Can use the same script as the main menu

1.3.4. Game controller to pause and unpause (must freeze everything)

2. Core

2.1. Core gameplay features

2.2. Tilemap

2.2.1. Understand how the tile size works

2.2.2. Terrain tile assets (at least placeholders)

2.2.3. Building tile assets Generate income and are the base of the game Build Sell Buy

2.2.4. Tile mechanics Tile highlight When Clicked it must highlight (UI) Tile information when resource tile or building tile is clicked Custom prefab for resources Custom prefab for buildings

2.3. Day-Night cycle

2.3.1. Important for solar energy acquisition

2.3.2. Maybe other special mechanics only available during certain times of the day

2.4. Camera

2.4.1. Camera movement With arrows Mouse hover around screen borders Set movement boundaries

2.4.2. <Near Future> Zoom

2.5. In-game resources

2.5.1. Energy Eolic Solar Nuclear

2.5.2. Minerals Iron Ore Copper Ore Uranium

2.5.3. Credits

2.6. Entities

2.6.1. Global Market Based on offer and demand Resource market Services market Real estate market

2.6.2. AI Not necessarily smart, can be buffed AF Can possibly train with already implemented AI algorithms (?) Needs to run outside sim to train Must implement outside sim

2.6.3. Player Buy Build Sell

2.7. In-game UI

2.7.1. Minimap (?)

2.7.2. Resources indicator

2.7.3. Icon assets

2.8. AI x Player interactions

2.8.1. Definition of what actions are available to the player and AI that affect directly each other

2.8.2. Sabotage OPS

2.8.3. Bribe

3. Polishment

3.1. <Future - Final> Proper assets and artwork

3.2. <Future> Pleasing UI

4. Game balancing

4.1. To make the game interesting and challenging

4.2. <Future> Balance GM interaction

4.3. <Future> Balance AI-Player interactions

4.4. <Future> Balance resource distribution

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