CHAPTER 4 : Measuring the Success of Strategic Initiatives

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CHAPTER 4 : Measuring the Success of Strategic Initiatives by Mind Map: CHAPTER 4 : Measuring the Success of Strategic Initiatives

1. Key Performance Indicator

1.1. Measures that are tied to business drivers

2. Efficiency IT metric

2.1. Measures the performance of the IT system itself including throughput,speed and availability.

2.1.1. Focus on : Throughput , Speed , Availability,Accurancy,Web Traffic,Response Time

3. Benchmarking

3.1. Process of continuously measuring system results,comparing those results to optimal system performance and identifying steps and procedures to improve system performance

4. Effectiveness IT metrics

4.1. Measures the impact IT has on business processes and activities including customer satisfaction,conversion rates and sell-through increases.

4.1.1. Focus on : Usability , Customers Satisfaction, Conversion Rates , Financial .

5. Security is an issue for any organization offering products or services over the Internet.

5.1. Ex, SSL

6. Metrics for measuring and managing strategic initiatives

6.1. SCM Metrics

6.1.1. Consists of - Back Order , Customer Order Promised Cycle Time , Customer Order Cycle Actual time , Inventory Replenishment Cycle Time , Inventory Turnover.

6.2. Website metrics

6.2.1. Consists of -Abandoned registrations , Abandoned shopping carts , Click-through , Conversion rate , Cost-per-thousand , Page exposures,Total hits,Unique Visitors.

6.3. CRM Metrics

6.3.1. Sales Metrics, Marketing Metrics,Service Metrics.

6.4. BPR and ERP Metrics

6.4.1. The balanced scorecard enables organization to measure and manage strategic initiatives.