Career Aspirations

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Career Aspirations by Mind Map: Career Aspirations

1. Lawyer

1.1. Great Pay

1.2. Lots of Schooling

1.3. Well Respected

1.4. Educated

1.5. Heavy Student Loans

1.6. Lots of job opportunities

2. Business

2.1. Less Debt

2.2. Endless posibilities

2.3. Get to build something

2.4. Not as secure as other jobs

2.5. Nothing is guaranteed

2.6. lots of risks

3. Real Estate Developer

3.1. My passion

3.2. Takes lots of creativity

3.3. Long periods until you get paid

3.4. Lots of money

3.5. Requires lots of money to start

3.6. My dream job

3.7. Need a large team to complete a project

3.8. Team effort