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My language world by Mind Map: My language world

1. Friends

1.1. Lexical

1.1.1. There are phrases I use which I have picked up from my friends. Some can be "no u lol" which is just a phrase I use when texting to irritate some people, or "comedy genius" which is one I use a lot. If someone makes a joke, and no-one laughs. I'll call them a "comedy genius", which in return gets some laughs.

1.2. Sociolect

1.2.1. I have picked up many words from my friends, most being slang from the UK. Words like "Wagwan" (originally Jamaican but later adopted by English) is an abbreviation for "what's going on". I also used to have a mild indian accent, which sooner or later changed around grade 6. Not only have my peers influenced my sociolect, but my accent too.

2. Culture

2.1. India

2.1.1. More informal hindi. Casual, lack of grammar and proper sentences. Usually when I speak in India with my friends, I use a less formal version of Hindi. This has slightly impacted my grammar in the way that when I speak hindi with my family, sometimes I speak informally.

2.2. Singapore

2.2.1. Singapore has a lot of slang, and the way singaporean speak is recognised as a proper language. Singaporeans tend to use the word "can" as a question and an answer. For example "can do lah".

2.3. Australia

2.3.1. In Australia, I speak casual, fluent English. I also have quite a lot of friends in Australia, and this impacts my language because I picked some Aussie slang, and it's slithered it's way into my idiolect. For example, "Brekkie" which means breakfast.

3. Family

4. Hobbies

4.1. Swimming

4.1.1. Swimming has taught me such phrases as "front crawl" or "backstroke". I frequently use this terminology when I am doing my swimming, or I am telling a peer what stroke I am doing. This is especially helpful when my coach is telling me what stroke to perform while swimming.

4.2. Gaming

4.2.1. I play a lot of FPS games, and there's terminology that comes into play. Some examples would be positions in a certain map, certain guns, even a type of player. If someone tells suggests I "rush base", it usually means I rush in to the enemy territory to try and eliminate as many players as I can, essentially a kamikaze.

5. School

5.1. Subjects

5.1.1. In subjects, I have learnt a lot of new terminology to add to my vocabulary. In science, I learnt such terms as "molecule" or "electromagnetic". While they may not be part of my regular, day-to-day idiolect, they still have a use. For example, when I am trying to describe how something works to someone.