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National Achiever Congress 2011 by Mind Map: National Achiever Congress 2011
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National Achiever Congress 2011


John Rohn

Cone of learning Chart by Dale

How to get out of bad debt - Robert Kiyosaki

"Speed of trust by Stephen M.R. Covey

Man search for meaning by Victor Frakle

the full power of CORE story

Hardwind for success

Day 1:

Anthony Robbins

Adam Ginsburg

Day 2:

Robert Kiyosaki

Dr John Tickle

5 years from now my income is 50,000,00 dollars

Day 3:


Eric - internet guru

Harv Eker

Mel Emery

Donald Trump

Information overloaded

In 5 years from now my INCOME is 50,000,000 dollars


Don't complain for 7 days

2 sides to the coin = 2 secrets to life = Learn + DO

"You should aim to be rich enough to be able to buy your wife nice panties" - Donald Trump

Love what you do, Think BIG, work hard, stay focused & DON'T GIVE UP!!! - Donald Trump

"How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING" - Harv Eker

"A truly great entrepreneur has to be able to withstand great pressure." - Donald Trump

"Always have a pre-nuptial agreement." - Donald Trump

"Always have a pre-nuptial agreement." - Donald Trump

If you cannot handle the pressure, don't be an entreprenuer ... go get a job." Donald Trump

4 Things you need for a good Health Expectancy: Laughter, Sex, Vegetables, Fish - Dr John Tickell

If you want to be rich make other people rich! Robert Kyosaki

Donald Trump "never ever give up, find your way around the brick wall"

Invest for cash flow, not capital gain and you will be recession proof

"Think big, it's much easier." Tks Donald Trump

See yourself as victorious. - Donald Trump

Donald Trump said 'The harder I work, the luckier i get'

Only lazy people use their own money! Smart people use OPM! Other People Money! - Roert Kiyosaki

"Poverty is a mind set. Change your thoughts and change your actions" - Robert Kiyosaki

Trump advises think big, be positive, play momentum.

In #business To be a WINNER think like a WINNER

"Emotion comes from Motion" - Anthony Robbins

"Do the right thing at the wrong time! And you're screwed! # - Tony Robbins

Luck is important. Some people are lucky and others are not. You can make yourself luckier - Donald Trump

Momentum. When you have it, play it.

"Experts are treated like a king, and obeyed like a heart surgeon". Be an expert ... What a great life!

I give myself awards all the time. I say "I got an award" it's true! -Donald Trump

"you gotta work hard, but if you love what you do you work harder"

Donald Trump just said that he gets sued everyday & it doesn't bother him - a disgusting grey line of people!

options can make you good money in a short period of time

completion and becoming an expert in one thing at a time is the ULTIMATE key!! FoCuS!!

Time is worth more than money - Mark Rolton

An option is a legal agreement that controls the property for a certain period of time.

I'd rather be arrogant, entertaining & rich (like Mal Emery) then cool & broke

A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.

A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.

The difference between a hero and a coward is not the lack of fear but their attitude in the face of defeat

"If you don't dominate someone else will" - Mal Emery

"Good looking people get laid more coz they're good looking. Books with good titles get read more coz of the title" -- Mal Emery

"Successful people ACT in spite of fear." - T Harv Eker

Plan to dominate or be dominated

Blame, Justify and Complain are three clues of a Victim mind set - T Harv Eker

Don't listen to what you say... Watch everything you do and you will know everything about yourself

Fear of making mistakes stops people from taking action. Not taking action can end up being a bigger mistake

The only thing worse than taking action and making a mistake is taking no action at all!

Action is the link between the inner world and the outer world

"It's always better to aim high and in attempt to hit it than aiming low and hitting it all the time!" T Harvy

Its not that ur goals r too high & u miss them, they r too low & hit them!

Solve a problem for people and they will give you money. Know what problem you are solving, do it well and for lots of people

Don't aim to make a lot of money, aim to be successful at what you do

Sucessful people play to win -100% , unsuccessful people play not to lose. Which one are you playing at?

Success is not what we can pursuit, it's what we attract!

Comfort and convenience are the kiss of death for success

Whatever you focus on expands

next time someone says moneys not important ... Say your broke as they probably don't have any

Successful people believe "I create my life". Unsuccessful people believe "life happens to me"