Wholesale Automation

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Wholesale Automation by Mind Map: Wholesale Automation

1. RVM

1.1. REImarketingpro.com

1.1.1. Voicemail gets put in their voice box. If they choose to call back, it can get redirected to a prerecorded message in your voice mail so you can sort

1.1.2. Can pull 2,000-10,000 Records for $.09 Comes with Phone Numbers!!! Guaranteed 75% Accuracy Absentee List Vacant List REI MarketPro-Data List Options

1.1.3. Free Call Recording

1.1.4. Comes with a Free Voicemail Box to hold all messages

1.1.5. Free DNC Scrubbing

1.1.6. Will De-duplicate numbers off your list to ensure numbers are dialed once

1.1.7. Easy Removal Feature. If caller presses "1" to have their call transferred to your office or call center, but then asks to be put on the Do-Not-Call list. In this case, simply press the Star Key (*) on your telephone at any time during the conversation with the caller. You and the caller will both hear a recording confirming the person has been placed placed on the Do-Not-Call list, then the call will be disconnected.

2. Incoming Leads

2.1. 1. Voicemail Comes In automatically to podio app

2.1.1. As leads come in, they will be automatically put on the task to do list

2.1.2. If lead calls number, but doesn't leave a voicemail, they will be considered a "Hang Up Lead" We will reply manually with the following text by clicking the action tab in the rvm lead template: "Sorry I missed you! I'm looking to buy a property in your area. Do you have one for sale? - Abby

2.2. VA goes in and transcribes notes from voicemail into the podio template

2.3. 3. VA sends Private email to the Investor with 3 different properties. It will consist of Name, address, phone number(s), the recorded voicemail that was left and email with a link to the address(Zillow, MLS) This will give all the needed info to call seller

2.3.1. Each lead will automatically get categorized by the amount of info the lead leaves in voice mail. The more info, the warmer the lead.

2.3.2. Investor will use their personal cell to call leads back.

2.4. 4. After each call is finished, use Voxer, Fb messenger (the voice feature) and send a short easy voice mail to VA stating the status on the next step. This prevents texting back and forth through out the day.

2.4.1. The 5 Categories of Leads after Calling

2.4.2. 1. Motivated! Hot Lead If the seller is near by, try to set appointment that day. If Remote, VA puts CONTRACT together through Podio and sends to you to print or you fill out empty ones you have in your car. Also sets up Mobile Notary. (123Notary.com) to go to Seller. Once Contract is signed, scan/take pictures and send to Title Company to start process. Then save photos from iphone into dropbox account for VA to put link in email/mass text to buyers. Fill out "House Order Form" This form consist of all the details of property needed to send out to buyers. This form will also be a master saved on google drive. So within 20 min of leaving the house, you have most of the process started. Price on contract doesn't have to be perfect, it's a lot easier to negotiate once paperwork is signed. So don't waste too much time on evaluations Also, get VA to set time on calendar with 30 min notification

2.4.3. 2. No Motivation Cold Lead Either they want more money, or tell you to take a hike Get VA to create a 7 DayTime Sensitive Auto Written Offer(Created in Podio). We can use Click2Mail.com. Sends it that day. This can be done by VA. They can find the zillow estimate and take away the average % of the price for the last 10 deals Minus your woholesale fee Keep it friendly, On the cover letter it may say something like: Hey it was good talking to you earlier about your house 123 Main Street. I understand that now may not be a good time, but if circumstances change, please keep this letter for future reference and call me because I would love to work with you. Also gets tasked in Podio w/1 month follow up list with texting sequence and rvm follow up Why time sensitive? Bec people will come back saying, "I know the offer expired for $20k, but would you still be willing to buy it?" Then you negotiate down. Also, at the bottom of the offer, put a line where it says, Want to make a counter offer? Call 888-888-8888 Initial text will say It was nice talking to you about the house!

2.4.4. 3. You Call & get a Voicemail No Contact Yet You leave a voicemail (let's them know this is her personal cell) VA will send a text though Podio "Hey this is Abby! I was calling about the house. Is it still available? This is my office phone by the way." Or, Hey this is Abby, you still interested in an offer on your property? Call this seller 3 times in 7 day period. Only sent a text once the first time If they don't answer, tell VA to add to 1 month follow up RVM

2.4.5. 4. Opt Out (Dead) Seller wants to get taken off list (after you call back) Put in dead lead category

2.4.6. 5. Cash Buyer/Agent/Landlord Ask if okay to send text/email of hot properties. Use Call Loop for mass text and Mail Chimp for mass email. Text will say Hey did you see the property we just email you? You will need a third phone number for buyers to respond to text. Or, Eric/Abby can manage

2.4.7. Follow Up RVM 1 Month 1. The Non-Motivated 2. No Contacts (After 7 day Period) 3 Month Old Leads IF Anyone Responds to Follow Up through text or call to Smrt Phone number, you can manually stop system, otherwise, it will go on for a year, then stop

2.4.8. Follow Up (Offers) Warm Lead Gets a verbal offer, along with a mailed offer Non-Motivated Lead 1. Offer gets mailed after initial contact No-Contact Does Not get an Offer

2.4.9. Follow Up (Texting Sequences) Warm Lead 1. Thanks again for the chat about the house! 2. Hey we spoke briefly a couple weeks ago about your property don't know if you're still interested in selling it, but if you are, let me know!(14day) Cold Lead 1. Thanks again for the chat about the house! 2. Hey we spoke briefly a few weeks ago about your property don't know if you're still interested in selling it, but we sent an offer to you in the mail, lets talk about it. (30 days, they received offer in mail) 3. Hey, we spoke a few months back, did you have any luck selling your house yet? (3 month follow up) No-Contact 1. I was calling about the house. Is it still available?

2.5. 5. Your VA updates Podio, executes whatever you do, then creates next task in Podio

2.6. 6. Then, you delete the email...

2.7. 7. After you go thru all the emails, you voice memo the VA to send you the next thing you have to do. This prevents you getting 80 tasks at once.