Victoria Villanueva

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Victoria Villanueva by Mind Map: Victoria Villanueva

1. Present

1.1. Responsibilities

1.1.1. Have to finish homework on time

1.1.2. Have to learn to be independent and figure out our own goals for our careers

1.1.3. Have to do time-management because of extra-curricular activates i.g. part-time jobs

1.2. Qualities/Interests

1.2.1. Really into sports i.g. Volleyball, swimming, Track & Field, etc.

1.2.2. Outgoing, confident, outspoken, self-motivated, driven

1.2.3. Love to sleep, collect and read books, watch t.v. shows on Netflix, hang out with friends, etc.

1.3. Health/Relationships

1.3.1. Strong, close-knit relationship with my family and relatives

1.3.2. Has respectful relationships with her friends, classmates, and teachers (no unnecessary drama or hate, etc.)

1.3.3. Tries to maintain healthy/fit by sleeping early, eating proper food and exercising regularly

1.4. Independence

1.4.1. Starting to figure out who I am as a person without the help of parents

1.4.2. Part-time job allows me to gain life-experience and learn how to use self-owned money effectively

2. Past

2.1. Background

2.1.1. Born in the Phillippines!

2.1.2. Moved to Canada at the age of 3

2.1.3. Trilingual (French Immersion, English & Tagalog)

2.2. Personality/Hobbies

2.2.1. Shy, Quiet, Obedient, Reserved

2.2.2. Was a fan of the Backyardigans, Treehouse, Scaredy Squirrel, Dora the Explorer, etc.

2.2.3. Loved to ride the Ripstick, rollerblades, bike. Loved to doodle, write stories and collect notebooks/colouring books

2.3. Childhood Dreams

2.3.1. Wanted to be a Superstar (Like Hannah Montana)

2.3.2. Actress (Like in Victorious)

2.3.3. Astronaut (I found the outer space very amusing)

2.4. Education

2.4.1. Didn't really have a care for my grades until 7th year elementary school

2.4.2. All education was still free (Taxes were the only things paying for it)

3. Future

3.1. Education

3.1.1. Obligated to pay for courses in order to gain education

3.1.2. Grades and my educational performance now matter a lot for they will determine my capability of acquiring a career

3.2. Financial Independence

3.2.1. A part-time job allows us to spend our own hard-earned money instead of asking it from our parents

3.2.2. Student Debts/Loans are borrowed if necessary (most of the time) from the government

3.2.3. Switching majors or courses are now very risky and stressful because of all the money & time spent already

3.3. Time Management/Priorities

3.3.1. Keeping up with the material load for courses, having a part-time job and wanting to spend time with friends will start to pile

3.3.2. Being organized and good with time management will help me in the long run and reduce as much stress on my shoulders

3.4. Mental Health/Relationships

3.4.1. Maintaining good relationships with my family & friends in the long run gives positive energy to my life and my mind

3.4.2. I need to make sure that I find time to myself i.g. reading a book, watching a movie, being social with friends as it will help relieve any of my stress and better my own mental health