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Questions by Mind Map: Questions

1. How many students and guests?

1.1. Ages of guests and participents

2. Where? Venue

2.1. Somewhere with options for food. Fit enough people.

2.1.1. Catering? Allergies Alcohol

2.2. seating provided?

2.3. How long the venue will need to be rented out for

2.4. What part of town? I.E. close to college?

2.5. Inside or outside?

2.6. enough bathrooms?

3. Specific theme?

3.1. Music, décor,

3.2. Ceremony or party? Both?

3.3. Dress code?

4. Budget?

4.1. What is included in the budget?

4.2. Max $ amount

4.3. Student budget or schools budget?

5. Entertainment?

5.1. Dj, live band, dancers or no music?

5.2. Games, or their own thing?

5.3. photo booths?

5.4. mascots

6. Advertisement

6.1. recognition

6.2. Open ceremony or invitation only?

7. Hire?

7.1. college Chaperone/ teachers or police/ actual campus security guards.

7.2. Valet/ taxi options if alcohol is served

7.3. Party bus?/ transportation to and from the event

7.4. photographer

8. Joint ceremony with other colleges?

8.1. How many colleges?

8.2. How many students from each college

8.3. All at the same time or in intervals

9. When? date, time ect.

10. what is provided from the school?

10.1. Certificates?

10.2. Cap and gown

10.2.1. In budget or student purchased?

10.2.2. Cords?

10.2.3. Different colors for different schools?