Family Cruise

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Family Cruise by Mind Map: Family Cruise

1. Audio/visual

1.1. What kind of music?

1.1.1. What kind of movies,shows Do they like plays or concerts do they like games

2. Marketing/ Customer service

2.1. interests

2.1.1. destination accommodations target audience

3. Finance

3.1. How long?

3.1.1. How many? Budget

4. Travel Agent

4.1. Destination?

4.1.1. Preferences Midway stops

5. Project Mangers

5.1. safety concerns

5.1.1. insure personal property time and activity management

6. Marketing/Customer Service

6.1. Interests

6.1.1. Destination Accommodations Target Audience

7. Finance

7.1. How long?

7.1.1. How many people per family budget

8. Traveling Agent