Thoughts for the Tech Steering Committee 2018-2019

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Thoughts for the Tech Steering Committee 2018-2019 by Mind Map: Thoughts for the Tech Steering Committee 2018-2019

1. The One Account Per Student initiative

1.1. Too many passwords to remember. How do we fix?

2. Focus on student and faculty information security & data privacy

2.1. Security awareness training

2.2. Two-factor authentication for administrative staff

3. Tech Integration Snapshot & Needs Assessment

3.1. Conduct a needs assessment survey for our faculty

4. Create and support a computational thinking faculty cohort

4.1. How can we integrate CS through natural interest in computational thinking concepts?

5. Increased professional learning focus

5.1. Bring more sessions and opportunities to faculty

6. Support and develop B-STEAM

6.1. How can B-STEAM support and further MakerEd / CS from 2019-2021?

7. What Shall We Makery?

7.1. How will it operate in 2019

8. Tech Marketing

8.1. TechTeaCart

8.2. Tech Tips Newsletter

9. Email and communication for faculty and staff

9.1. Is there a better way?

10. Technology in the Inclusivity and Diversity conversation

10.1. How can we link our goals?

11. Laptop Carts: The Change in policy

11.1. How do they affect teaching and learning positively by department and division?

12. Departmental Review Tech Requirements

12.1. Timeline to fiulfill

13. The One LMS per Student Initiative

13.1. Is it Google Classroom or the portal? The students would like to know.

14. iPad Teachers Cohort

14.1. How can we eliminate the pros and cons of using the iPad in the classroom, both for instruction and assessment

15. All things paper and printing

16. Miscellaneous Classroom Tech

16.1. AppleTVs, Wifi

16.2. The future of Mac Minis