Optiz Ch. 3-5

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Optiz Ch. 3-5 by Mind Map: Optiz Ch. 3-5

1. Assessment:Figuring out what is going on.

1.1. Diagnostic Approach

1.1.1. What do I want to know? Why do I want to know? How can I discover this information?

1.2. Performance Based

1.2.1. Portfolio

1.2.2. Direct Observation

1.2.3. Anecdotal Records

1.2.4. Checklists Interest Inventory Running Reccords

1.2.5. Informal Student Interview

1.2.6. Interest Inventories

1.2.7. Primary Reading Survey

1.2.8. Reading Attitude Survey

1.2.9. Limitations Takes time and human resources to perform. Children are not the best when watched Teacher needs excellent classroom mangement

1.2.10. Positives Good way to learn about student Record of student data

1.3. Performance Assessments

1.4. Authentic Assessments (Naturalistic)

1.5. Oral Reading Assesments

1.5.1. Informal Reading Inventory Determine reading levels Frustration, Instructional, Independant Coding Marks Guided Passages

1.5.2. Running Reccords Had no comprehension testing. Can be done on any texts. Determines reading level.

1.5.3. Modified Miscue Anylasis Appropriate 150 passage, copy passage, copy MMA form.

2. Measurement: How educators obtain evidence to evaluate.

3. Evaluation: interpretation of evidence through measurement.

4. Test: 1 way to provide evidence for evaluation.

4.1. Good Tests

4.1.1. Suitability

4.1.2. Validty

4.1.3. Objectivity

4.1.4. Realibility

4.2. Standardized Tests

4.2.1. Raw Score

4.2.2. Standard Score

4.2.3. Deviation

4.2.4. Mean (Average)

4.3. Practice Tests

4.4. Locator Tests

4.4.1. Grade Equivelant

4.4.2. Percentile

4.4.3. Norms: Average scores for a group of students.

4.5. Questions/Objectives