Language Learning

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Language Learning by Mind Map: Language Learning

1. First Language Adquisition

1.1. Milestones and developmental sequence

1.1.1. Gramatical Morphemes

1.1.2. Negation

1.1.3. Questions

1.2. The pre-school years

1.3. The behaviourist perspective

1.3.1. Children´s speech

1.3.2. Patterns in language

1.3.3. Focus on meaning

1.4. The innatist perspective

1.4.1. Universal grammar

1.4.2. The critical period hypothesis

1.5. Interactionosist/developmental perpectivers

1.5.1. Piaget and Vygotsky

1.5.2. Cross-cultural research

1.5.3. The importance of interaction

2. Second Language Adquisition

2.1. Second Language applications

2.1.1. Mimcry & memorization The innatist perspective

2.1.2. Krashen´s Monitor Model The Cognitive perspective Information processing Usage based learning The competition model Language and the brain

2.1.3. Interacting, noicing, processing, and practising The interaction hypothesis The noticing hypothesis Input processing Processability theory The role of practice The sociocultural perpective

2.1.4. Learning by talking