Williams Family

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Williams Family by Mind Map: Williams Family

1. Juanita

1.1. House

1.1.1. Drinking Tap Water Disrupting Bodily Fluids

1.1.2. Oil Burning Furnace the release of carbon monoxide

1.1.3. HairSpray Carcinogens

1.1.4. Mold in Basement allergic asthma or allergic rhinitis

1.2. Nuclear Power Plant

1.2.1. large amounts of radioactive material

1.3. Town Dump

1.3.1. Burning Trash Inhalation of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide

1.4. Dermatologist

1.4.1. Botox Injections botulinum toxin can cause paralysis and even death through respiratory failure

1.5. Hair & Nail Salon

1.5.1. inhalation of denatured alcohol, hydrofluorocarbons

1.5.2. Exposure to toluene can result in temporary effects such as headaches, dizziness

2. Robert

2.1. House

2.1.1. Cigarette Smoke Carcinogens

2.1.2. Chimney Cleaner Carcinogens

2.1.3. Ant Spray Brain Damage and Death

2.1.4. Oven Cleaner Butoxydiglycol affects respiratory systems, and may cause cancer and reproductive effects

2.2. Traffic

2.2.1. Diesel Fumes respiratory tract and/or cause dizziness, headache or nausea

2.3. Auto body Shop

2.3.1. Asbestos

2.4. Dry Cleaners

2.4.1. inhalation of the vapors. Perchloroethylene a potential human carcinogen

3. Shawn

3.1. House

3.1.1. Cell Phone cell phones contain myriad toxins such as arsenic

3.2. Dentist

3.2.1. X-rays Cancer

3.3. Painting Company

3.3.1. Paint thinners dizzy or nauseous if the vapors are inhaled in high enough levels over a long enough time period.

4. Maria

4.1. House

4.1.1. Hair Spray Carcinogens

4.1.2. Smoke from Car You can be poisoned by exposure to high levels of CO.

4.1.3. Fungicides and Insecticides a range of serious illnesses and diseases in humans, from respiratory problems to cancer.

4.1.4. Dust Allergies

4.1.5. Bathroom Cleaner Ammonia is a volatile chemical that can damage your eyes, respiratory tract, and skin

4.2. Tanning Salon

4.2.1. UV radiation

4.3. School

4.3.1. Chemistry Class Toxins, corrosives, flammables, and reactives.