Emotion Regulation: JOY

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Emotion Regulation: JOY by Mind Map: Emotion Regulation:  JOY

1. savoring a positive experience

2. Attentional Deployment

2.1. influencing emotional response by redirecting attention to a preferred stimulus

2.2. in a potentially saddening situation, one can opt to not focus on the situation and recall happy, pleasant thoughts instead

3. Cognitive Change

3.1. Reappraisal: changing the way one looks at a situation

3.2. counting one's blessings, or things to be grateful for

3.3. being more curious about a situation

3.4. Mindfulness: paying attention to things in a non-judgmental manner, as they are

3.5. recognizing previously unnoticed features of an environment that can inspire self-transcendent positive emotions of awe, gratitude, compassion

4. Situation Selection

4.1. putting the self in preferred situations

4.2. putting the self in a position where we can help others to increase positive feelings

4.3. being sociable and spending time with family, friends, and romantic parnters

4.4. efforts to modify the emotional impact of a situation

4.5. going outside to see nature

5. Situation Modification

5.1. deciding to talk about good, pleasant topics instead of pursuing a potentially saddening conversation

5.2. choosing to help others

6. Response Modulation

6.1. when feeling sad, doing some exercise can alleviate the sad feelings

6.2. When feeling happy, smiling all the more could make you happier