How is child mental health impacted by being born into an immigrant family?

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How is child mental health impacted by being born into an immigrant family? by Mind Map: How is child mental health impacted by being born into an immigrant family?

1. Scope

1.1. How broad is the problem? Are you looking at nationally? Internationally?

1.2. Statistics regarding mental health of immigrant children nationally in the U.S

1.3. [Statistics regarding prevalence of immigrant parents in the U.S.]

1.4. [Statistics regarding the types of jobs immigrant parents hold; location of immigrants and how their location impacts the types of jobs they hold (leading what resources they can provide for their children)]

2. History/Trends

2.1. Start from the emergence of first immigrants into the United States and their motives for moving to America

2.2. Explain the general attitudes immigrant parents had regarding their children's education + maybe how it's changed now

2.3. Statistics regarding the achievement of immigrant children (extent of their education/their jobs) through their upbringing

3. Conclusion

3.1. Do children of immigrant parents achieve more than children of non-immigrant parents?

3.2. Future directions for research

3.2.1. Study the differences in attitudes and the health effects in children of single immigrant parents vs children of married immigrants

3.2.2. Study how the children develop under 2nd generation immigrant parents; compare the way they raise their children vs how their parents raised them

4. Controversies

4.1. Certain disciplinary styles/child-rearing practices of immigrant parents may be questionable

4.2. Social expectations by the parents may limit the child's opportunity to interact with children in their age group which could hinder child's cognitive development

5. Introduction

5.1. Thesis statement: Immigrant parents are known to be more structured and dominant within their child's lives perhaps because of the sacrifice they made by moving to another country. However, the mental health of their children may be compromised through the more strict upbringing.

5.2. how the structure of socioeconomic status affects children of immigrant parents

5.2.1. "immigrant guilt": children are growing up conscious of the sacrifices their parents have made for them, so having to work hard to prove to their parents that their suffering was not for nothing

5.3. previous research findings

5.4. Why is this important?

5.4.1. Parenting is a strong predictor of how kids perform in school and affects mental health outcomes.

6. Causes and other contributing factors (problems/barriers associated with impacting immigrant children mental health-wise) - will only use 2

6.1. different disciplinary styles*

6.2. different social expectations

6.3. (cultural brokering)

6.4. (language brokering)***

7. Prevalence

7.1. What is the rate of this problem?/ How common is this issue?

7.2. Statistics regarding the rate at which children of immigrant parents are being affected by mental health issues

8. Preventative Measure

8.1. Mental Health America (MHA) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help with mental illness by offering prevention services and spreads awareness of the importance of mental health.

9. Potential solutions, sources of assistance, strategies that help families/individuals cope with the problem

9.1. Have immigrant parents be able to know effective parenting strategies and implement them

9.2. MHA is effective in spreading awareness, but it does not target the immigrant population of parents- so bring more awareness of the effects and importance of mental health directly to immigrant parents