"The Case Against Doing Nothing on North Korea" - Bloomberg Opinion

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"The Case Against Doing Nothing on North Korea" - Bloomberg Opinion by Mind Map: "The Case Against Doing Nothing on North Korea" - Bloomberg Opinion

1. Beings

1.1. North Korea

1.1.1. Kim Jong Un Infamous NK dictator. God-like figurehead of NK.

1.1.2. Comunist country that allegedly disrespects human rights beliefs.

1.2. South Korea

1.2.1. Moon Jae-in

1.3. United States

1.3.1. Donald Trump Politically unstable president with controversial rhetoric skills and decisions.

2. Environments

2.1. Korean War ended in a Stalemate dividing Korea into North and South

2.2. Sensitive relations between North and South

2.2.1. Besides threats, both countries have established demilitarized zone

2.2.2. They have ended any interaction between them.

2.3. Large militaries with nuclear weapons

2.4. Threat from NK to nuke the US

2.5. Opposing customs and beliefs of the people

3. Events

3.1. Korean War & Stalemate

3.2. Meetings between Trump and Kim Jong Un

3.2.1. After many decades of disagreement and political turmoil, Presidents Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un held a historic meeting where they discussed making peaceful agreements to integrate economic cooperation between the three countries.

3.3. Future meetings to discuss denuclearization

3.3.1. The process will be long and hard because NK politics, economy, and society revolves around their military, including their nuclear power.

3.4. The sinking of a South Korean ship in 2010 by NK

3.4.1. Makes things more difficult

4. Texts

4.1. Peace agreements

4.1.1. USA and SK are looking forward to develop official peaceful agreements with NK.

5. Structures

5.1. High tension between both countries

5.1.1. There have been threats among nations to nuke each other.

5.1.2. NK has been developing powerful Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and threatening to use them with the USA.

5.2. The US enforces and regulates nuclear programs worldwide

5.2.1. They intervene in other countries' ability to manipulate nuclear power, even though the USA has the largest arsenal of nuclear missiles/bombs.

6. Dispositions

6.1. Diplomacy

6.1.1. The biggest priority for every country is to be deplomatic to resolve their international problems, instead of threatening to attack each other.

6.2. Peace

6.2.1. Everybody aims to maintain peace.

6.3. Win-Win situation

6.3.1. Everybody wants to win something out of their situation.

6.4. Goal to denuclearize North Korea

6.4.1. Many countries around the worldt are depending on the USA to negotiate NK denuclearization to maintain intermational peace.