Future College Decision. Deciding to attend Saint Edwards University rather than the University o...

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Future College Decision. Deciding to attend Saint Edwards University rather than the University of Rio Grande Valley - Rhetorical Ecology by Mind Map: Future College Decision. Deciding to attend Saint Edwards University rather than the University of Rio Grande Valley - Rhetorical Ecology

1. Events

1.1. Finding and experiencing the expansions and growth of Austin from bars to technology.

1.2. Talking to alumni of the school really opened my eyes in seeing how successful many have come to be from such a small school.

1.3. All 45 of my Texas State Technical College credits transferring for my very easy academic core.

1.3.1. TEXTS: If I never would've gotten the constant reminders and concerns about my transcript, I would've never even pushed myself to submit and to discover just how much I was already ahead. Seeing this made me realize just how special I really became to the school. How valuable I should've been putting myself at.

2. Structures

2.1. The social acceptance in the community here at Saint Edwards University (SEU).

2.2. The many advances in peoples treatments of others in Austin is very different then in Harlingen (Rio Grande Valley).

2.3. The beautiful and long lasting honorable foundation of Saint Edwards is a major plus, even more because it is a liberal arts school.

2.3.1. EVENTS; Seeing the success that past alumni have made at this school I was able to notice the value of graduating from SEU. Knowing of the distinguished graduates it helped me realize just how honorable it was to attend SEU. Which further on pushed me to attend due to the notability of it.

2.4. The roots that my many aunts and uncles have made here in Austin, as well as my own brother, living here. I will still be able to have a family structure here of people I can depend on and will support me. A family structure is what I will be yearning and it will still be present in Austin, TX.

3. Beings

3.1. Aunt Tracy and Uncle John

3.2. Aunt Belle and Uncle Carlos

3.3. Alyssa, my girlfriend

3.4. Skylar, my brother

3.4.1. STRUCTURES: Knowing that I have the family in Austin that are willing to support me just as much as my immediate, influenced my decisions emotionally to attend Saint Edwards here in Austin.

3.5. Brady, my dog

4. Texts

4.1. The E-Mails and phone calls I received from not only my future academic counselors, but also the brochures that I either got on a daily or weekly basis. Asking how my grades were and if I needed anything on their end.

4.1.1. BEINGS: The constant reminder of what I had in Austin waiting and anticipating my arrival, gave me not only more confidence but more importantly, comfort in my decision. This influenced me to take the leap once more into Austin.

4.2. The random students and family members I got text messages asking if I was okay with the current classes I was taking during the summer, really impacted me because it showed how much they cared about whether or not i needed help with absolutely anything.

5. Environment

5.1. My high school had a very under performing and unorganized educational system. It didn't challenge me as much as I hoped as it would going to a dual enrollment college. School became to easy and I was able to excel with minimal effort. This shaped me intellectually in that I wanted a school that was going to challenge me more intensely.

5.2. The sense of feeling un-supported in my ambitions and way of life. I felt like no one else wanted to shake the valley syndrome. Like no one wanted to step outside their comfort zone. I didn't want to stay in the valley for the rest of my life, I wanted to experience something different.

5.3. Seeing how often people are nice to each other in Austin and especially how accepting they are of everyone especially supported my decision in coming here. The culture shock of being in the city and attending SEU during the many orientations and functions helped me see the way SEU looked in the embodiment as a person or small town, as well as the city.