Apply: Alternative Dispute Resolution Mind Map

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Apply: Alternative Dispute Resolution Mind Map by Mind Map: Apply: Alternative Dispute Resolution Mind Map

1. Mediation- A third party becomes the mediator to help come up with a solution that would work for both parties and all three parties should agree or it would not be resolved

2. Arbitration- is similar to a court process, because you would give a testimony or evidence which would make it seem like a trial, but it is not as formal as the court process

3. Mediation is quick and easier than dealing with the court process

4. Mediation does not cost as much as court would with things like court cost and many fees

5. Mediators could provide different solutions depending on the circumstance

6. Mediator qualities: 1. Having a educational background in psychology, conflict management and some law 2. Having related experience on this field 3. Certification is needed with depending on what the state needs 4. Having more educational background such as a masters and not just a bachelors with the mediation field 5. Should have education and certification general education experience, should also should put in a request to be a court listing

7. Arbitrator qualities: 1. An arbitrator can effectively work through the process and handle/use the evidence properly and can come up with a reasonable settlement amount 2. Educational background- you would need a law degree 3. Certification- is not needed but you would use training for dispute resolution 4. Lawyers or professors are also arbitrators 5. Arbitrators mostly have law degrees, but can have more training for other courses

8. Mediation Advantages: Is much less expensive than arbitration, it is less stress on all parties and there are no judge or jury. It is a speedy process. Mediation Disadvantages: you can only settle if the parties agree, Mediation is not for every circumstance, and cannot control what the outcome would be.

9. Arbitration Advantages: Evidence is used to determine the decision and would be final. Facts and rules of law are considered. Arbitration Disadvantages: This could possibly be costly depending on the time it takes and it could be a bit of a process. Also that an attorney is used for this process