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The Crucible by Mind Map: The Crucible
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The Crucible

The Girls

Abigail Williams

Parris' niece. 17 years old. She is an orphan. She use to work for the Proctors'. Had a relationship with John Proctor, so Elizabeth fired her. She is very controlling and is also a good liar. Danced in the woods.

Betty Parris

Reverend Parris' daughter. 10 years old. Danced in the woods with the other girls. Becomes very sick at the beginning of the play.

Susanna Walcott

Works for the town doctor. She is very nervous. Dances in the woods with the other girls.

Mercy Lewis

The Putnams' servant. 18 years old. She is a merciless girl. She was also dancing in the woods.

Ruth Putnam

Daughter of Thomas Putnam. She was with the rest of the girls dancing in the woods and becomes very sick.

Mary Warren

17 years old. She watches the girls dance in the woods, but doesn't take part in it. She is a snitch.

The Religious Folk

Reverend Parris

His daughter is Betty and his niece is Abigail Williams. He is the minister in Salem. Many people don't like him. He is worried mostly about his reputation.

Reverend Hale

He is an expert on witchcraft. His attitude changes throughout the play. At first he looks to witchcraft, but by the end of the play he is against it.

The Accused





Parris' slave from Barbados. She was singing to the girls in the woods in Barbados. Accused of witchcraft.

Sarah Good

She is a beggar woman. She was one of the first to be accused of witchcraft. She confesses to working with the devil.

George Jacobs

Putnam had Ruth accuse Jacobs, so that he could by his land when he is hanged.

The Court Folk



In his thirties. He serves warants. He follows the law. He does his job with sincerity.


He is the tailer and clerk in Salem.

Deputy Governor Danforth

In his sixties. Worries about his position, so doesn't want to accept that maybe the girls were lying and refuses to postpone the hangings. He is very stubborn.


He is the jailer.



Francis Nurse

Rebecca's husband. He is a wealthy landowner. Putnam tries to take his land.