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The Crucible by Mind Map: The Crucible
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The Crucible

The Girls

Abigail Williams

The beautiful 17 year old niece of Reverend Parris. She is the leader of all the other girls accused of witch craft

Betty Parris

She is the 10 year old daughter of Reverend Parris, She was caught dancing in the woods by her father.

Susanna Walcott

Abigail Williams' friend. She accuses people of being witches along with Abigail.

Mercy Lewis

The Putnams' eighteen-year-old servant. She was caught dancing in the woods with Tituba, Ruth, Mary, Betty, and Abigail. She pretends to see witches.

Ruth Putnam

Daughter of Thomas and Mrs. Ann Putnam. She is ill and her mother thinks it is due to evil falling on the town of Salem. She is one of the girls caught dancing in the woods by Reverend Parris. Mrs. Putnam sent her to Tituba to conjure spirits in hopes that Ruth would be able to communicate with her seven dead siblings.

Mary Warren

A seventeen-year-old girl who works for John and Elizabeth Proctor. She was caught dancing in the woods with Tituba, Ruth, Mercy, Betty, and Abigail

The Religious Folk

Reverend Parris

minister of the town of salem. He caught his daughter in the woods doing witch craft, and is now scared to be thrown out of salem because his daughter is a witch.

Reverend Hale

A minister from Beverly who is called to Salem by Parris to investigate the situation. He has strong beliefs of the authority of the church.

The Accused





Reverend Parris' slave from Barbados, She was also caught in the woods with all the girls.

Sarah Good

An older woman accused of witchcraft. She admits to having made compacts with the Devil.

George Jacobs

The Court Folk



In charge of arresting all of the accused witches. Like Cheever, he also claims he is bound by the law to follow their orders to arrest accused witches. He never questions that the law may in fact be wrong.


Man appointed by the court to arrest witches, he has a weak character. He says he is bound by the law to do what he has to do and never thinks otherwise. He is always seen with Danforth and listens to whatever Danforth tell him to do

Deputy Governor Danforth

Head of the court case dealing with the witch-hunt. He has a strong voice of authority in the court and will not be undermined. He questions anything anyone says to him as if it is a potential threat to both the power of the court and the integrity of the law.




Francis Nurse

Husband of Rebecca Nurse, he is a wealthy landowner in Salem. He is widely respected and looked upon to settle many disputes. He had some bad relations in regards to land ownership, specifically with Thomas Putnam. He tries to settle the investigations of witchcraft in Salem.