Classrooms as learning communities

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Classrooms as learning communities by Mind Map: Classrooms as learning communities

1. Why this book?

1.1. To show the vision, practices and evidence about promoting schools as learning communities.

1.2. To help classrooms to operate as collective learners

2. Why now?

2.1. Schools are revitalised around a strong knowledge agenda

2.2. School seem as the most effective defense against social fragmentation and a crisis of values

3. What's in it for schools?

3.1. Pupils develop more competences

3.2. Provide a good model and preparation

3.3. Teacher's role is focused in management

4. Who is the author and whose are the voices?

4.1. A teacher interested in the personal - social dimensions of learning

4.2. The voices of teachers he work and learn with

4.3. The voices of pupils they work and learn with

5. Nuevo Tema