IM Checklist Volume 10 Self Publishing

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IM Checklist Volume 10 Self Publishing by Mind Map: IM Checklist Volume 10 Self Publishing

1. Checklist 1: Book Planning

1.1. 1 What is the goal of your book?

1.2. 2 What is the core topic / idea for the book? E.G. Facebook Ads, Mental Health, Fitness etc (One Core Topic)

1.3. 3 Write down 3-5 working titles for your book...

1.4. Tips For Coming Up With Titles

1.4.1. A. Look at some of the top selling titles in your industry – model them.

1.4.2. B. Use ‘How to’ titles that solve your target audiences biggest problem(s)

1.4.3. C. Use benefit driven titles or titles that help your target audience avoid pain.

2. Checklist 2: Book Writing

2.1. 1 Have you finalised your book title and subtitle?

2.2. 2 Have you got an ISBN number for your book?

2.2.1. If publishing on Amazon you can use their free ISBN service, otherwise you can purchase your ISBN number on

2.3. 3 Will you be writing the book yourself?

2.4. 4 Are you hiring a ghost writer?

2.5. 5 Will you be repurposing your other content into a book?

2.5.1. If you have existing blog posts, or other content you may be able to repurpose them into chapters or use them as bonus chapters (if they are relevant).

2.6. 6 Have you blocked out the time to complete your book?

2.6.1. Aim for at least 1,000 words a day if you’re starting out. With some practice you could write 1,000 words in 30-60 minutes.

2.7. 7 Have you set a manuscript completion deadline?

2.8. 8 Have you sourced an editor and an editing deadline?

2.9. 9 Have you written your book title and subtitle?

2.10. 10 Have you split your core topic into 5-13 sub topics?

2.11. 11 Have you bullet pointed each sub topic?

2.12. 12 Have you fleshed out your sub topics into chapters?

2.13. 13 Have you written your book as if speaking to one person?

2.14. 14 Have you included examples, case studies and testimonials?

2.15. 15 Have you included next steps in your book (to fulfil your goal)?

2.15.1. When writing your book, don’t worry about layout, grammar or formatting – that’s the editor’s job and that comes AFTER the manuscript is done.

3. Checklist 3: Book Cover

3.1. Cover Planning

3.1.1. 1 Have you saved 5-12 book covers from Amazon for inspiration?

3.1.2. 2 Have you “mapped” out or drawn your cover on plain white paper?

3.1.3. 3 Have you sourced a designer for your book?

3.1.4. 4 Have you decided on a cover size? (6x9 is most common)

3.1.5. For book cover design, don’t skimp here. We DO judge a book by its cover. Freelancer sites like Upwork, Freelancer have great designers.

3.2. Cover Design

3.2.1. 1 Have you designed your cover in full (front, back and spine)?

3.2.2. 2 Is your cover in print ready format at 300Dpi

3.2.3. 3 Have you resized your cover and spine to fit the number of pages?

3.2.4. 4 Have you added your book cover copy and description to the back?

3.2.5. 5 Have you added a short bio and bio photo to the back cover?

3.2.6. 6 Have you added your barcode to the back of the book?

3.2.7. 7 Have you added the book title, subtitle and your name to the front?

3.2.8. 8 Have you added your book title and your name to the spine?

3.2.9. 9 Have you created a kindle cover version for your book?

3.2.10. For your back cover we recommend you state the book category at the top, then have a headline, benefit driven description of the book, 5-7 bullet points, a testimonial, and a short bio on you along with a photo, your website and the book barcode. For resizing your cover, and spine to fit the number of pages in your book and to generate a barcode for your book we recommend you use It’s free and instant. You simply enter your book details and hit generate.

4. Checklist 4: Book Publishing

4.1. Pre-Publishing Checklist

4.1.1. 1 Have you added a Table of Contents to your book?

4.1.2. 2 Have you added a Copyright page to your book?

4.1.3. 3 Have you added a testimonial, endorsement section?

4.1.4. 4 Have you added an “About the Author” section?

4.1.5. 5 Have you added a “Your Next Steps” section”

4.1.6. 6 Have you added your ISBN to your copyright page?

4.1.7. 7 Have you run a final proof check on your manuscript?

4.1.8. 8 Have you run a final proof check on your book cover?

4.2. Print Book Checklist

4.2.1. 1 If you create a PDF file for uploading, all fonts must be printable and embedded.

4.2.2. 2 Pages are sized to match the Book size and are in the same orientation (portrait or landscape)

4.2.3. 3 Front matter (Title Page, Copyright, Acknowledgment, Table of Contents, etc.) included in file

4.2.4. 4 Images sized properly and inserted at 300dpi resolution

4.2.5. 5 Margins, header/footer, and gutter are properly set

4.3. Ebook Checklist

4.3.1. 1 Word Files: Remove headers/footer/page numbering

4.3.2. 2 Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, are used to indicate titles, chapters, and sub sections.

4.3.3. 3 Heading 1 is used for Title (which must appear on the first line of the first page)

4.3.4. 4 All heading styles are used sequentially (1, 2. 3) in the document

4.3.5. 5 All other text is in Normal Style

4.3.6. 6 Automatic formatting turned off, and all automatically created elements removed or added manually (Such as lists or numbering)

4.3.7. 7 Images sized approximately 500 x 500 pixels, at 72dpi resolution, and inserted “in line”

4.3.8. 8 No text boxes or Borders.

4.4. Publishing Checklist

4.4.1. 1 Have you your book manuscript in a print ready PDF file?

4.4.2. 2 Have you your book cover in a print ready PDF file?

4.4.3. 3 Are you publishing your book on Amazon?

4.4.4. 4 Are you publishing your book on Kindle?

4.4.5. 5 Are you publishing your book on Nook?

4.4.6. 6 Are you publishing your book on LULU?

4.4.7. 7 Are you publishing your book on Apple Books?

4.4.8. 8 Have you your book title, subtitle and description, testimonials and your bio in a separate document for ease of access?

4.4.9. When it comes to publishing your book at a bare minimum we recommend you publish on Amazon(via Createspace or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in both paperback and Kindle formats. You may also want to publish on the other distribution sites to reach more audiences.

5. Checklist 5: Book Marketing

5.1. Book Marketing Assets

5.1.1. 1 Will you be marketing your book both online and offline?

5.1.2. 2 Have you created your book marketing assets?

5.1.3. 3 Have you made a list of your DREAM 100 targets for your book?

5.1.4. 4 Have you created your book press kit?

5.1.5. 5 Have you created your book press kit?

5.1.6. You should make a list of at least 50-100 dream targets for your book. Think podcast hosts, influencers, press journalists, partners, dream clients and more – you will be sending them a free copy of your book. You book press kit will entail details of you, your book, sample chapters as well as sample interview questions.

5.2. Book Marketing

5.2.1. 1 Have you a website/funnel built for your book?

5.2.2. 2 Have you decided on a book sales model?

5.2.3. 3 Have you decided how you will fulfil orders?

5.2.4. 4 Have you high resolution images, banners posts for your book?

5.2.5. 5 Have you a 3d mockup of your book created?

5.2.6. 6 Have you email marketing swipes created for your book?

5.2.7. 7 Have you sent your book to your DREAM 100?

5.2.8. 8 Have you collected testimonials and endorsements for your book?

5.2.9. When it comes to marketing and actually selling your book – you have a number of options. You can sell your book at a normal price ($9.95 - $19.95) or you can give your book away free and just charge shipping (highly recommended). Remember your book SHOULD only be the lead in to your higher priced programs.

6. Checklist 6: Createspace

6.1. Createspace is Amazon’s publishing and distribution channel. You can create a free Createspace account here

6.1.1. Createspace Steps 1 – Project 1 Name Your Project 2 Choose Project Type (Paperback) 3 Choose “Guided” Step by Step Process With Help Along The Way

6.1.2. Createspace Steps 2 – Title Information 1 Enter Your Book Title and Subtitle 2 Enter The Primary Author’s Name and Contributing Author’s if applicable. 3 Enter the Series Title, Edition and Language 4 You can Leave Publication Date Blank

6.1.3. Createspace Steps 3 – ISBN 1 Choose “Free Createspace-Assigned ISBN” or “Provide Your Own ISBN”

6.1.4. Createspace Steps 4 – Interior 1 Choose Interior Type (B&W, Full Colour, White or Cream) 2 Choose Book Size 3 Upload Interior File

6.1.5. Createspace Steps 5 – Cover 1 Select Matt or Glossy finish for your book. 2 Upload your print ready PDF book cover.

6.1.6. Createspace Steps 6 – Complete Setup: Review everything then submit files for review. This process usually takes 24 hours. While your files are being reviewed you can: 1 Choose your distribution channels 2 Set your pricing across all Amazon stores. 3 Upload your Cover and Book Description 4 Upload your Author Bio 5 Choose your book category 6 Get your Kindle Ready files for publishing on Kindle. Once your files have been reviewed you can review and proof your book then order a physical proof of your book. We always recommend you do this.

7. Checklist 7: Lulu

7.1. Lulu is another great resource for both printing and publishing books. You can create a free Lulu account at Sign Up & Log In

7.1.1. Choose Your Publishing Type 1 You can create your book and distribute through Lulu (on Amazon, barnes and Noble and Nook) through 2 You can simply print your book and order books through

7.1.2. Step 1: 1 Put in your Title 2 Put in your Author Details (Name and Last name)

7.1.3. Step 2: 1 Upload Your Print Ready Files 2 Let Lulu run its automated check

7.1.4. Step 3: 1 Upload Your Print Ready PDF Cover 2 Let Lulu run its automated print checks

7.1.5. Step 4.: 1 Review all details and hit ‘Save and Finish’. 2 Order a Proof Copy

8. Checklist 8: Kindle Upload

8.1. As well as publishing your book on Amazon via Createspace you can also publish via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

8.1.1. Kindle eBook Details 1 Choose Create New Title 2 Choose Kindle eBook 3 Choose Language 4 Enter Your Book Title 5 Enter Your Book Subtitle 6 Enter Series Information (if applicable) 7 Enter Edition Number (if applicable) 8 Enter Author Information 9 Enter Contributor Details (if applicable) 10 Enter Book Description (use back cover copy as description) 11 Enter Publishing Rights (Your Own Work or Public Domain Work) 12 Enter Up to 7 Keywords for your Book 13 Set Your Categories and Age Ranges 14 Set Your Release Date

8.1.2. Kindle eBook Content 1 Choose Whether Or Not You’ll Enable Digital Rights Management. 2 Upload Your Kindle Ready File (epub format is best) 3 Upload Your Kindle Cover (only front cover is needed) 4 Launch The EBook Previewer 5 Optional: Enter ISBN number and Publisher You can get your book manuscript converted and formatted to epub here

8.1.3. Choose Kindle Pricing 1 Choose whether or not you’ll enrol in KDP Select. With KDP Select, you can reach more readers, earn more money, and maximize your sales potential. To enter the Kindle Storyteller contest, your eBook needs to be enrolled in KDP Select. Learn more about KDP Select: 2 Choose Your Territories 3 Choose Royalty Pan (35% OR 70%) 4 Set Your Pricing 5 Choose Whether Or Not You’ll Enrol in Kindle Matchbook Give customers who purchase your print book from Amazon the option to purchase your Kindle eBook for $2.99 or less. Learn more about Matchbook: 6 Choose Whether Or Not You’ll Allow Book Lending 7 Either Publish Live or Save as Draft

9. Checklist 9: Amazon Advertising

9.1. Advertising on Amazon is a great way to get targeted Kindle sales for your books.

9.1.1. 1 Login to KDP

9.1.2. 2 Navigate to your book and choose “Promote and Advertise”

9.1.3. You can either run a price promotion (a countdown deal or free book promotion) or you can run an ad campaign.

10. Checklist 10: Book Online Advertising

10.1. You can and should advertise your book online to make more book sales.

10.1.1. Pre-Advertising Checklist 1 Have you your advertising assets (images, baseline copy etc.)? 2 Have you decided where you sending people (website vs Amazon)? 3 Have you set a Macro level budget and targets for your campaign? If you have a book funnel send to your funnel, if you don’t simply send them to Amazon. Bear in mind, tracking of sales will be harder of you’re just sending them to Amazon.

10.1.2. Facebook Ads 1 Have you setup a Facebook ad campaign for your book? 2 Have you installed your Facebook Pixel and created audiences? 3 Have you chosen your campaign goal? 4 Have you targeted people interested in your book topic? 5 Have you chosen people interested in pages/influencers related to your book topic? 6 Have you layered your targeting to get more specific? 7 Have you setup multiple ads and ad campaign to split test different angles? 8 Have you layered your targeting to get more specific?

10.1.3. Twitter Ads 1 Have you setup a Twitter Ad Campaign? 2 Are you targeting people based on interests related to your book topic? 3 Are you targeting your own followers? 4 Are you targeting followers of influencers related to your book topic? 5 Are you targeting Hashtags? 6 Have you installed the Twitter tracking pixel on your site?

10.1.4. Google Ads 1 Have you setup a Google Ad Campaign for your book? 2 Have you installed the Google Tracking Pixel on Your site? 3 Have you done keyword research related to your book and book topic? 4 Have you grouped together keywords and set up ad campaigns for each group? 5 Are you targeting your own business name, your own name and book name?

11. Checklist 11: Giveaway Book Funnel

11.1. The giveaway book funnel is where you give away your book 100% free as an eBook. While not recommended it can be a great way to generate a lot of leads fast.

11.1.1. Giveaway Landing Page Checklist 1 Have you created your book Landing page / sales page? 2 Does your landing page have a benefit driven headline? 3 Does your landing page have a 3d image of your book? 4 Does your landing page have benefit rich bullets? 5 Does your landing page have testimonials? 6 Does your landing page have an “About the Author” section? 7 Does your landing page have a bio photo of you? 8 Does your landing page have multiple clear call to actions (CTAs)? 9 Have you linked landing page with your autoresponder? 10 Have you created your book list in your autoresponder?

11.1.2. Giveaway Thank You/Download Page Checklist 1 Have you created a thank you page (for after someone opts in)? 2 Have you inserted a security measure to ensure that only people who enter a valid email address will get your book? You can do this by having both a thank you page and a download page. The thank you page confirms their request and lets them know the link to the book has been sent to their inbox. In your first follow up email you then link to a separate download page where they can download your book. 3 Have you created your book download page? 4 Have you created a 5-7 follow up email series after someone requests your book? 5 Have you bridged in the next step in your sales process? 6 Have you made your new leads an irresistible offer (paid offer) to monetise them? 7 Have you offered them a physical copy of the book (paid offer)? 8 Have you stacked your giveaway funnel with other paid offers to monetise those leads?

12. Checklist 12: Free + Shipping Funnel

12.1. The Free+Shipping Book Funnel checklist is arguable the best book funnel type to use as it allows you to attract buyer leads. Your leads will get your book for free but they pay for the shipping and handling.

12.1.1. Free + Shipping Funnel Pre-Sell Checklist 1 Have you books ready to be shipped? 2 Will you be sending the books yourself? 3 Will you be using a book fulfillment company? 4 Have you your lift letter done (letter to be sent with book)?

12.1.2. Free + Shipping Sales Page / Order Page Checklist 1 Have you created your book sales page / order page? 2 Does your sales page have a benefit driven headline? 3 Does your sales page have a 3d image of your book? 4 Does your sales page have benefit rich bullets? 5 Does your sales page have testimonials? 6 Does your sales page have an “About the Author” section? 7 Does your sales page have a bio photo of you? 8 Does your sales page have multiple clear call to actions (CTAs)? 9 Dies your sales page have a high quality video? 10 Have you linked sales page with your autoresponder? 11 Have you created your book list in your autoresponder? 12 Have you linked your book order form to your merchant account? 13 Have you included an irresistible order form bump?

12.1.3. Free + Shipping Book Funnel Checklist Using the free + shipping book funnel model allows you to monetise your leads quickly so in your book funnel you should have 1-3 one time offers or upsells related to your book that will make your prospects life easier, help them get results faster and offers them advanced training. Some possible funnel combinations are: Free + Shipping Book > $27 Order Bump > $97 Offer > $197 Offer Free + Shipping Book > Webinar > High Ticket Offer/ Coaching Free + Shipping Book > Survey > Consultation > High Ticket Offer / Coaching 1 Have you decided on your book funnel combination? 2 Have you created the rest of the pages in your funnel? 3 Have you created your book download page? 4 Have you created a 5-7 follow up email series for after someone buys your book? 5 Have you created a cart abandon campaign for those who start the checkout process but don’t buy?

13. Checklist 13: Local Book Launch

13.1. A local book launch can do wonders for your authority and credibility and is fairly straight forward to pull off.

13.1.1. 1 Have you 100 – 150 books ready for your book launch?

13.1.2. 2 Have you contacted your local bookstore about hosting the launch?

13.1.3. 3 Have you set a local book launch date?

13.1.4. 4 Have you submitted a press release, your book media kit and copies of your books to all of the media outlets (directly to the editors) with a call for interview?

13.1.5. 5 Have you created book launch invites, posters and pop ups?

13.1.6. 6 Have you invited all of your friends and family to your book launch?

13.1.7. 7 Have you invited potential clients and partners to your book launch?

13.1.8. 8 Have you invited all press, journalists and local influencers?

13.1.9. 9 Have you advertised your book launch with your local newspaper, on the radio and targeted people locally with Facebook Ads?

13.1.10. 10 Have you setup a Facebook Event for your local book launch?

13.1.11. 11 Have you invited 1 or 2 keynote speakers to say a few words, present and launch your book on the night?

13.1.12. 12 Have you booked a photographer to take photos on the night?

13.1.13. 13 Have you invited a videographer to film your book launch?

13.1.14. 14 Have you bought wine and some light snacks for your book launch?

13.1.15. 15 Have you prepared a quick speech for your book launch?

14. Checklist 14: Online Book Launch

14.1. An online book launch recruiting affiliates is a fantastic way to make a lot of book sales and generate a lot of buyers fast.

14.1.1. Online Book Pre-Launch Checklist 1 Is your book completed and published? 2 Have you an online book launch date? 3 Have you made a list of potential affiliates and contacted them at least 8 weeks out from your launch date? 4 Have you setup your affiliate signup page? 5 Have you setup your affiliate resources page? 6 Have you book swipes, emails, banners, social media posters etc? 7 Have you scheduled out Facebook Lives and interviews with key affiliates and partners? 8 Have you scheduled podcast interviews with key podcast affiliates? 9 Have you your book funnel completed with your book and 1-3 upsell offers that make sense (for your affiliates and your buyers)? 10 Have you your follow up emails ready? 11 Have you your JV affiliate emails ready? 12 Have you setup your affiliate contest? 13 Have you tested your funnel? 14 Have you reconfirmed with your key affiliates 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week and a couple of days before your launch? 15 Have you backend offer ready for when your launch is completed?

15. Checklist 15: Book Lead Generation

15.1. There’s lots of ways you can generate leads with your book. It’s by far one of the best lead generation tools you can use in your business.

15.1.1. Online Lead Generation Book Checklist 1 Have you included links to your book funnel (or book page on Amazon) in your email signature? 2 Have you linked to your book funnel / Amazon on your main website? 3 Have you created banners for your blogs header, sidebar and footer? 4 Have you created videos on topics related to your book and uploaded them to YouTube? 5 Have you setup advertising campaigns for your book (see online advertising checklist)? 6 Have you sent your book to the top 50 podcasts related to your industry / niche? 7 Have you sent your book to the top 50 influencers in your niche? 8 Have you promoted your book to your existing email list? 9 Have you promoted your book on Facebook (on your Facebook Page, in your Facebook Groups), and on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc? 10 Have you mapped out a marketing calendar of content all geared around your books core theme and topic? 11 Have you created blog posts and videos on topics related to your book and posted them on your website with links in those posts driving people to your book?

15.1.2. Offline Lead Generation Book Checklist 1 Have you looked at the events calendar in your industry and planned out the main events and seminars you want to attend? 2 Have you made a list of your dream 100 clients / partners? 3 Have you sent them your book along with a letter introducing yourself? 4 Have you followed up with your Dream 100 every month? 5 Have you copies of your book to hand out at all events you got to? 6 Have you copies of books ready for all meetings you attend? 7 Have you sent your books to all relevant media outlets? 8 Have you sent all existing, new and past clients a copy of your book?

16. Checklist 16: Book Backend

16.1. A book should only be the lead in to your higher priced products, services, offers and/or coaching.

16.1.1. Choose Your High Ticket Backend Model 1 Will you have advanced ‘Masterclass’ type online courses? 2 Will you have a group coaching program? 3 Will you do live seminars and events? 4 Will you have a mastermind alliance? 5 Will you do one-on-one coaching / consulting? 6 Do you have a high end product or service? 7 Will you do affiliate marketing in your backend? We recommend anywhere from 1-3 core backend services / offers.

16.1.2. How Will You Sell Your Backend Offer? 1 Will you sell your backend offer via webinar? 2 Will you sell via phone sales / 2 step phone sales? 3 Will you invite your book buyers to a live event (free or paid) and sell them your backend service at the end? 4 Will you sell your backend service directly in your book funnel via video sales letter? 5 Will you send out a shock n awe box with your book to sell your backend service?

16.1.3. Forecasting Your Goals Anywhere from 1-5% should be an achievable figure for converting book buyers into backend sales. For you it may be more, it may be less, depending on how well defined and specific you are with your targeting. 1 How many book sales do you want to make? E.g 10,000 2 How many book buyers will convert to backend sales? E.G. 2% 3 What is the price point of your backend offer? E.G. $3K 4 Based on these figures how many backend sales are you expected to generate? E.G. 10,000 X 2% x $3k = $600,000.00 5 How many books do you have to sell to achieve your financial goals?

17. Checklist 17: Book To Speaking Gigs

17.1. A book is a great way to land more speaking engagements. Organisers of events are always looking for speakers for their events and someone who has authored book is always high on their priority list.

17.1.1. 1 Have you made a list of industry events and who organises them?

17.1.2. 2 Have you made a list of local events related to your industry or book topic and who organises these events?

17.1.3. 3 Have you made a list of your local business groups, networking groups and who the chairpersons are?

17.1.4. 4 Have you sent these people signed copies of your book along with a letter introducing yourself and making yourself available to them?

17.1.5. 5 Have you followed up with these people via email/ Social Media?

17.1.6. 6 Have you created 1-3 keynote presentations from your book?

17.1.7. 7 Have you crafted an offer that ties into your book topic for your presentation that either sells your backend offer or facilitates the sale of your backend offer?

17.1.8. 8 Have you gathered recording footage or samples of you speaking?

17.1.9. 9 Have you set your speaking fees schedule or speaking arrangements?

17.1.10. 10 Have you set up your own free or low cost events where you can practice your keynote presentations and practice speaking?

17.1.11. 11 Have you turned your keynote presentations into webinar presentations and used them in your backend funnel to sell your book buyers onto your other offers, programs and services?

17.1.12. 12 Are you constantly on the lookout for events (local and international) that you could speak at and do you send the event’s organisers copies of your book and a letter introducing yourself?

18. Checklist 18: Book Translation

18.1. Getting your book translated into another language is a great way to further your authority, spread your message and widen your reach.

18.1.1. Translation Checklist 1 Do you know anyone who can translate your book into a second language? 2 Have you searched on the freelancer sites or on Google? 3 Have you vetted any translators and asked to see their work? 4 Have you agreed terms of translation and author licenses etc? 5 Have you gotten your translator to sign an agreement? For example you could source a translator to translate your book in exchange for them having sole distribution rights, co-author rights or you could simply hire a translator on a once off basis paying them a flat fee. 6 Have you set a deadline for your book to be translated? 7 Have you decided on whether or not you’ll be doing a local book launch in the host country?