Digital 4 Buildings Sharepoint

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Digital 4 Buildings Sharepoint by Mind Map: Digital 4 Buildings Sharepoint

1. Recent topics

2. Quality

2.1. Modelling Guidance

2.2. Exemplar

2.2.1. Models

2.2.2. Drawings

2.2.3. Rishi Jobanputra

2.3. Model Quality

2.3.1. VDR Guidance Navisworks Solibri Description Casestudy Rulesets Classifications Lynda learning link Internal power points Link to UK page Yammer OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra & Ray V Shop Model Checking

2.4. BIM BAU Page

2.4.1. Duncan Sharpe

2.5. Model Health Check

2.5.1. Clarity Dashboard Metrics Form for Opt in Scripts & Routine repository

2.5.2. Owner: Andrew Beazley

3. Design

3.1. Visual Arq

3.1.1. Usage

3.1.2. Guidance Notes

3.1.3. Demonstration

3.1.4. OWNER: Bianca Toth

3.2. Speckle works

3.2.1. Usage

3.2.2. Guidance Notes

3.2.3. Demonstration

3.2.4. OWNER: Bianca Toth

3.3. TnR Bridge Scripts

3.3.1. Explanation

3.3.2. Revit output overlay

3.3.3. Tekla output overlay

3.3.4. Documentation and user manual

3.3.5. Grasshopper scripts, custom Revit families & Tekla profiles

3.3.6. OWNER: Bianca Toth

3.4. Facade Optimisation Tool

3.4.1. Explanation

3.4.2. Projects in Use

3.4.3. Technical Notes

3.4.4. Grasshopper Definition

3.4.5. OWNERS: Bianca Toth, Richard Stokes & Tom Clarke/Richard Garland(?)

3.5. Section J Glazing Calculator

3.5.1. Explanation

3.5.2. Projects in Use

3.5.3. Technical Notes

3.5.4. Python Script

3.5.5. OWNERS: Sam Garton & Chris Killoran

3.6. TBC

3.7. Digital inception page

3.7.1. Copy VIC SA page (Regionalize)

4. Learning and Development

4.1. Specialist Emerging Skills

4.1.1. Reality Capture Loan Request Form Calender Workflows Casestudies Equipment Matterport BLK 360 360 - Rico FARO Micheal Alder Duncan Sharpe

4.1.2. VR Case Studies / PowerPoint repository Equipment location map - Mind map? OWNER: Michael Alder / Kiran Research

4.1.3. Robotic Images IIA Applications? OWNER: Daniel Messina

4.1.4. 3D Printing Images Intro Print request form BNE? OWNER: Mark G Lindsey/Toby Welch

4.1.5. Web Portals ?

4.2. Power Bi indicating skills

4.3. Revit Bursts

4.3.1. Update Required?

4.3.2. Update Original - Link correctly

4.3.3. Update correct landing

4.3.4. OWNER: Andrew Beazley

4.4. Parametric Bursts

4.4.1. Populate same as Revit Burst content Upcoming events (Calender) Media Space links and recording Yammer

4.4.2. OWNER: Bianca Toth & Giovanni Brogiolo

4.5. Digital Tools Training

4.5.1. Think Parametric Training Rhino Page Link to MoodlePage Grasshopper page Link to MoodlePage Dynamo Page Link to MoodlePage Pre-defined Learning Path Page Link to MoodlePage Karumba Page Link to MoodlePage Inbed Moodle links for TP Update correct landing Update Content No longer a trial OWNER: Bianca Toth / Sean McGinn/Andrew Spiers

4.5.2. Arup Courses Python Page Link to MoodlePage

4.5.3. Lynda Training Update Original - Link correctly Update correct landing OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra/Lisa Kay Navisworks Page Link to MoodlePage Solibri page Link to MoodlePage

4.5.4. A2K Training Populate Description - RJ Calendar Course Content Handout respository Survey Results - Feeback from training Develop MS form Survey OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra/Duncan Sharpe/Catherine Tobin Revit Page Link to MoodlePage

4.6. BIM

4.7. BIM Guidance

4.7.1. BIM 4 Leaders Bulldings Power point OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra Description Link to moodle course Link to Industry docs

4.7.2. Whats is IFC Description Guidance Docs Example IFC repository BIM 360 IFC's Link to Solibri Page OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra

4.7.3. What is Cobie Description Guidance Docs Link to tool kit Template Intergration OWNER: Andrew Beazley

4.7.4. LOD MEP LOD Poster Example Models Structural LOD Explained Doc Example Models

4.7.5. BIM FAQ

4.7.6. What is a CDE Description Guidance Docs

4.7.7. BIM Maturity Measure Description Leader board Power BI Data base extraction SQL

4.8. Skills Survey

4.8.1. Power Bi Results

4.8.2. Description

4.8.3. Populate heat map against skills and data

4.8.4. OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra/Sean McGinn

4.9. Learning Paths

4.9.1. level 1 universal Power BI Desktop Revit 101 Rhino 101 Dynamo 101 Solibri 101 Grasshopper 101 Python 101 Databases and SQL 101

4.9.2. level 2 str GSA COM Strand7 API mep

5. Leadership

5.1. Digital 4 Buildings Plan

5.1.1. Plan - Page already existing OWNER: Sean McGinn

5.2. Office Visits

5.2.1. Description

5.2.2. Calendar dates of visits

5.2.3. Images

5.2.4. Repository for agenda

5.2.5. OWNER: Sean McGinn/Tracey McLeod (McKechnie)

5.3. Global Initiatives

5.3.1. Project Automation Global Revit Standards Revit Burst Video October update powerpoint Data Task

5.3.2. OWNER: Rishi Jobanputra/Andrew Beazley/Sean Mcginn

5.4. Global Digital Leadership

5.4.1. Automation

5.4.2. Data

5.4.3. Digital Services

5.4.4. Digital products

5.4.5. Digital Transformation

5.4.6. IT

6. Communication

6.1. News Letters

6.1.1. SWAY

6.2. Industry

6.2.1. Awards Submission Photos Previous award content TBC Tekla Award Rishi / Jasna Consults Australia Sean / Jasna

6.2.2. Conferences Handouts Speaker Content Calendar Future Events TBC Built North America Rishi Tekla Dimensions Rishi Clayton Autodesk University Raymon Velthuis Autodesk Factory Visit Andrew Beazley VR Sydney / Melbourne Kiran Jasmijn

6.2.3. Speaking content Material Photos TBC

7. Example Key Plan (READ)

7.1. Main Topic

7.1.1. Sub Topic Content Owner

8. Knowledge Smart

8.1. Page

8.1.1. Comms

9. Ideas Register -