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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. English

1.1. Ive learn in this subject is the different styles of conversation and different styles of communication.

2. Pre Calculus

2.1. in this subject I've learn a lot of solving specially on how to solve the Circle,Hyperbola,Ellipes and other analytic Geometry

3. Filipino

3.1. I've learn in this subject about the importance of our own language and the history of it.

4. General Mathematics

4.1. Same as Pre cal, I've learn how to solve the mathematical problem and how to solve simple interest.

5. Physical Education

5.1. I've learn in this subject the different kinds of exercises and the different kinds of activities

6. Bible

6.1. In this Subject I've learn a lot, specially more about God and the story of our book.

7. Science

7.1. In this subject, I've learn many things about our world and about the theories of our Universe and the different water and energy resources.

8. Soc Scie

8.1. In this one, I've learn about the theories of the origin of the man, our destination and I get to know the Philosophers.

9. E-Tech

9.1. ofcourse in this subject I've learn a lot, specially on computers. I've learn how to create website,Blog, widen my knowledge on Power point, Exel and word.