Embodied Carbon in Buildings: October 2018 Update

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Embodied Carbon in Buildings: October 2018 Update by Mind Map: Embodied Carbon in Buildings: October 2018 Update

1. Embodied Carbon Network now at 300 members

1.1. 140 on Buildings Task Force

1.1.1. Ryan Zizzo, Task Force Chair

1.2. Embodied Carbon was a big part of Carbon Smart Building Day

1.3. Ongoing webinar series

1.4. Recording of the update available to members:

2. Carbon Smart Buildings Declaration

2.1. over 100 firms signed

3. Tools/resources

3.1. Carbon Smart Materials Palette

3.2. Embodied Carbon in Construction "EC3" tool

3.2.1. EPDs database

3.3. Whole Building LCA tools (embodied carbon and more)

3.3.1. Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings

3.3.2. Tally

3.4. AIA's Top Ten Toolkit

3.4.1. Includes a section on Whole Building LCA

4. Codes/regulations

4.1. Enacted

4.1.1. Vancouver Rezoning Requirement for whole building LCA Driving the creation of dozens of whole building LCAs!

4.1.2. Buy Clean California Will require facility-specific EPDs Required starting in 2021 Have to be below threshold to be selected Threshold will be midpoint of range that are seeing in 2020; that way don't have to come up with their own number Requesting EPDs starting in 2019 Applies to all projects with state funding USGBC LA Chapter running manufacturer trainings Incentive program: funding to help manufacturers for data collection

4.2. Proposed

4.2.1. Marin County Embodied Carbon Code

4.2.2. Washington Governor Jay Inslee touting importance of embodied carbon in state procurement

5. Certifications

5.1. ILFI Zero Carbon Certification now includes Embodied carbon

5.1.1. <500 kg CO2/m2

5.1.2. 10% reduction from baseline

5.1.3. Offset all embodied

5.2. Powerhouse from Norway

5.2.1. Includes embodied carbon

5.3. Canada GBC Zero Carbon Building Standard

5.4. LEED v4 Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction credit

5.4.1. Option 4, Whole Building LCA

5.5. Green Globes

5.5.1. Materials section include LCA/Carbon

6. Publications

6.1. BuildingGreen

6.1.1. The Urgency of Embodied Carbon and What You Can Do About It

6.2. ENR

6.2.1. Reducing Embodied Carbon and Operational Emissions in Buildings

6.3. Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

6.3.1. Beyond Energy Efficiency: Why Embodied Carbon In Materials Matters

6.4. SEI Sustainability Committee

6.4.1. Structural Materials and Global Climate

6.5. Bruce King's book

6.5.1. The New Carbon Architecture/Building to Cool the Climate

6.6. Embodied Carbon Review

7. Existing Buildings

7.1. Embodied Carbon Network Building Reuse Taskforce

7.2. Zero Net Carbon Collaboration For Existing and Historic Buildings