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Freak by Mind Map: Freak

1. says and how they say it

1.1. freak says very big words

1.1.1. freak says smart words

2. thoughts and fellings

2.1. freak thinks max has bad intelligenes

2.2. freak thinks tony d is stupid

3. how the character acts

3.1. freak acts like a very smart person a know it all

3.1.1. freak acts like he is a dictionary but has one to corrrect people

4. the effect the character has

4.1. he makes other characters nervous by smack talking them

4.1.1. he makes the other characters fell mad when he calls them a big word

5. physical appearance

5.1. freak looks like a two year old boy who has leg braces

5.1.1. freak loos so small that he cant reach a book from a shelf