Language Arts in K-5

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Language Arts in K-5 by Mind Map: Language Arts in K-5

1. The goal for students is to further understand what they are reading and writing.

2. Writing

2.1. Give students a genre (ex: biography, nonfiction) to focus on, and create a story in Book Creator.

2.1.1. Students can use their experiences and interests for this activity.

2.1.2. Assessment could include sharing story with classmates, adding to their comprehension and allowing them to share a topic they find interest in.

2.1.3. The teachers role in this activity is to provide additional resources to use as background knowledge in their stories.

2.2. DESE Standard for grade 2 for ELA Standards: "Demonstrate understanding by locating facts to answer and/or ask questions."

3. Reading

3.1. Using different literary tools to understand the text.

3.1.1. Example: Acronyms, suffixes, prefixes, synonyms, pronouns, verbs, etc.

3.2. DESE Standards: Grade 2 ELA Standards: "Using prefixes, root words and suffixes to determine the meaning of words."

3.3. The teacher will provide examples and resources that show the class examples they should be looking for.

3.4. The learning goal for students would be to give them the background to understand what they are reading.

3.5. The assessment would be to read aloud and talk about the passage read.

4. Comprehension

4.1. Teacher will provide book resources for students to read, with the intention of sharing their understanding.

4.1.1. Their assessment would be to write a sentence retelling what the book was about.

4.2. DESE Standard from grade 1 comprehension ELA Standard: "Monitoring comprehension and making corrections and adjustments when understanding breaks down.

5. Spelling

5.1. Sight Words

5.1.1. Teacher provides a book with all sight words, and students must underline their sight words.

5.1.2. The goal for this would be for students to comprehend sight words and understand where they can be used in writing and reading.

5.1.3. DESE Standard from grade 2 vocabulary ELA Standard: "Using context to determine the meaning of a new word, or multiple meaning word in text."

5.2. Homophones

5.2.1. Using book creator, students can write a book practicing different homophones.

5.3. Teacher can provide examples of homophones and then allow students to work on their own examples.

6. Book Creator

6.1. Book Creator - the simple way to create beautiful ebooks - Book Creator app

6.2. This is our main form of technology to show our students how to read, write, comprehend and spell.

7. Connections

7.1. Connections shown with green lines indicate how all of the concepts are interconnected among students learning.

7.2. Reading is connected to comprehension because we want our students to be able to understand what they are reading and make real world connections.

7.3. Writing is connected to spelling because students need to be able to practice and use different tools to complete writing assignments.