Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking by Mind Map: Human Trafficking

1. 1. Although ASEAN signed the Declaration Against Trafficking in Persons, Particularly Women and Children, no significant progress on implementing the Declaration has been made. In particular, this is because East Asian countries are a major source for long-distance, transregional trafficking.

2. 2. In the most recent UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, East Asia and the Pacific account for nearly 40 per cent of detected child victims. Also, victims from this region are the most geographically dispersed — found in more than 60 countries.

3. 3. Trafficking networks seek children for illegal adoption, commercial sexual exploitation, drug trafficking and child labour. Children under 18 using social media platforms often fall victim to traffickers. In the first instance, a young person might receive a friend notification from an unknown person but still accept the request. They increase exchanges, agree to meet and after continued social media interaction they meet again.

4. 4. The explosion in mobile phone usage in the region facilitates real-time communication and coordination by traffickers to recruit, harbour, transport, and provide higher numbers of victims for commercial sexual activity or forced labour.

5. 3 Ways to Help Stop Human Trafficking: 1. Host an awareness-raising event to watch and discuss films about human trafficking. For example, learn how modern slavery exists today; watch an investigative documentary about sex trafficking; or discover how human trafficking can affect global food supply chains.

6. 2. Organize a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to an anti-trafficking organization.

7. 3. As students, we should take action on our campus. Join or establish a university club to raise awareness about human trafficking and initiate action throughout your local community. Consider doing one of your research papers on a topic concerning human trafficking. Request that human trafficking be included in university curricula.