Chatty - Case Study, Edan Maor & Ofir Ovadia

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Chatty - Case Study, Edan Maor & Ofir Ovadia by Mind Map: Chatty - Case Study, Edan Maor & Ofir Ovadia

1. about

1.1. Chatty is a Group Chat for every site

1.1.1. chat with others current guests to the site

1.1.2. was used in #J14 home page

1.1.3. also in many other sites

2. agenda

2.1. review production problems they had

2.2. open discussion on servers maintenance & scaling

3. Stack

3.1. Client

3.1.1. JS/HTML

3.2. Server

3.2.1. Django

3.2.2. Redis for faster operations to lower the load on the database, on the poll pings

3.2.3. MySQL

4. Client-Server interaction

4.1. download script

4.2. initial sync

4.2.1. get current members

4.3. ping

4.3.1. every 2 sec

4.3.2. get new messages

4.4. send message

5. Architecture

5.1. Old

5.1.1. 1 box in Slicehost apache + mod_wsgi instances redis MySQL

5.1.2. then took larger machine every time it couldn't handle the load several times

5.1.3. Till 1 machine couldn't handle the load

5.1.4. Then paniced & understood they need to change architecture

5.2. New

5.2.1. topology Rackspace load balancer service Many web server boxes NGINX & gunicorn processes NGINX feeds responses to clients, at their own speed Very easy to work with Gunicorn & Django 1 box for MySQL & Redis

5.2.2. very easy to add nodes

5.2.3. handles load well

6. Open discussion

6.1. Better server architecture

6.1.1. what simple things can improve this architecture?

6.1.2. Suggestions There's a problem because the Polling architecture Maybe Django isn't the right choice Gunicorn have async handlers Can optimize with etags to stop the request handling in the NGINX level Use physical & not virtual machine for DB server for faster IO do top & check on load or use SAR Use Pure Django over AppEngine use the Channel API for push Use for push

6.1.3. Meta remark first understand your bottleneck know what should be attacked

6.2. Profiling

6.2.1. Suggested tools Nagios Zabix

6.3. Benchmarking