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Salmon by Mind Map: Salmon

1. Conservation

1.1. Dam destruction

1.1.1. Dams can cut hundreds of miles of river off from salmon runs. This cuts forests off from nutrients

1.1.2. Dams can build up sediment, and this being released all at once can be detrimental to river health

1.1.3. Potential power cutoffs

1.2. Hatcheries

1.2.1. They release massive quantities of fish into the wild. This can be rather ineffective

1.3. species killing

1.3.1. Sea lions are shot if they eat too many salmon.

1.3.2. People are paid to catch salmon predators

2. Basic Facts

2.1. Salmon live in the ocean and spawn in rivers.

2.1.1. They will go to the exact gravel bed were they were born to spawn.

2.2. Salmon are in high demand for eating

2.2.1. Salmon has a distinct pink meat.

3. Species

3.1. Chinnook

3.2. Pink

3.3. Sockeye

3.4. Coho

3.5. Chum

4. Decline

4.1. Overfishing

4.1.1. Demand in the olden days

4.1.2. Invention of canning

4.1.3. People thought it was scrumtious

4.2. Habitat Destruction

4.2.1. Dredging for boats

4.2.2. Rivers being straightened

4.2.3. Dams

4.2.4. Deforestation

4.3. Fisheries

4.3.1. Only one kind of fish

4.3.2. Fish develop bad habits

4.3.3. Don't nourish environment

5. Benefits

5.1. Nutrients

5.1.1. A lot of forests depend on salmon nutrients, which come fro their dead bodies when they spawn.

5.1.2. The nutrients can spread up to 15 miles

5.2. Fishing

5.2.1. Salmon are very tasty

5.2.2. People love to fish salmon for recreation.

5.2.3. This gives money to park service for fishing licenses.

6. Economics

6.1. Many jobs depend on salmon

6.1.1. This includes fish industry boat industry Bait Fishing poles

6.1.2. River service jobs

6.2. Less tourism

6.2.1. less fishing licenses

6.2.2. less park passes