Cultural Heritage

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Cultural Heritage by Mind Map: Cultural Heritage

1. Tangible

1.1. Movable

1.1.1. Manuscripts

1.1.2. Furniture, carpets, dress and musical instruments

1.2. Immovable

1.2.1. Historic structures and buildings (e.g. Sam Tung Uk Museum, HKU Main Building)

2. Intangible

2.1. Knowledge and practices (e.g.Herbal tea)

2.2. Festive events (e.g. Dragon Boat Races)

3. Making a Pros and Cons Grid to analyze CH preservation & Urban Development

3.1. Urban development

3.1.1. Pros Boost GDP Boost living quality(Improving hygiene, transportation, people become more happier etc.)

3.1.2. Cons It will damage or destroy CH, and causing the problem of losing citizens' collective memory(e.g. Star Ferry Pier) Emerging some environmental issues (Air/ noise/Water pollution)

3.2. Cultural Heritage preservation

3.2.1. Pros The people of next generation can be able to learn some historic knowledge via CH It is useful for some students who are interested in CH or history.

3.2.2. Cons It may consume a lot of institutions or people's time, human resources, cost, etc. If a CH stuffing from fire or other natural disasters, people no longer can go to visit the CH. )

4. Why do we need to preserve CH?

4.1. It is the essential evidence for proving some CH's existence or accuracy,

4.1.1. Experts can be able to use the CH for do a research, etc.

4.1.2. People can be able to learn more about the history, letting more people get familiar to the cultural heritage.

4.2. Developing a iconic attraction to attract more tourists

4.2.1. Stimulate economic development

4.2.2. ccc..)

4.3. CH can be used for promoting our HK culture, traditional custom

5. Stakeholders of CH

5.1. G​LAM​s (galleries and museums)

5.2. GLA​Ms (libraries and archives)

5.3. Government bodies

5.4. Non-government organizations

6. What can we do to help for conserving CH?