Graphic Design Job

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Graphic Design Job by Mind Map: Graphic Design Job

1. Freelance

1.1. PROS

1.1.1. Makes your own schedule

1.1.2. Create your own clientele

1.1.3. Negotiate rates

1.1.4. Work from home- goal of mine

1.1.5. Exposed to varies graphic design styles

1.2. CONS

1.2.1. Not consistent

1.2.2. Freelance competition

2. Boutique

2.1. PROS

2.1.1. I flourish in small teams where I feel comfortable

2.1.2. Talents shine through in a smaller setting

2.2. CONS

2.2.1. There may not be a lot of room for up-word growth-- depending on size

3. Large Agency

3.1. PROS

3.1.1. Great exposer to graphic design

3.1.2. Great way to make connections

3.1.3. A lot of room to move up

3.2. CONS

3.2.1. I didn't like working in a large agency but it is a good place to start

3.2.2. You can get lost in the mix when there is thousands of employees

3.2.3. More competition, internally competitive

4. What if my plan doesn't work..

4.1. I probably won't go back to school, I already have 2 degrees. It really isn't an option for this not to work.

4.2. I do have back up plans and other degrees which will support me.

4.3. I have a lot of drive, and ambition to make this all work.

5. Other Factors..

5.1. My Fiance's job, he will be expected to relocate anywhere from 6 months - 2 years

5.1.1. Where will we get relocated too?

5.1.2. What if there isn't a lot of work for me?

5.1.3. Graphic design does give me the advantage of working remote

5.2. My parents

5.2.1. They are a little older than most, so if they get sick I will take care of them.

5.3. Traveling

5.3.1. We want to see the world

5.3.2. I want to find a job that I can work remotely and travel

5.3.3. This is my biggest goal in life

6. In-House

6.1. PROS

6.1.1. All teams can communicate more efficiently

6.1.2. Ability to move from one department to the other

6.1.3. Usually small teams

6.1.4. Exposure to other departments

6.2. CONS

6.2.1. Low budget

6.2.2. Crowded work environment

6.2.3. Personally, I don't think there is a con to working in-house. I really enjoyed it when I worked in-house

7. End Goals

7.1. Make good money, obviously

7.2. Be able to create every day

7.3. Be able to incorporate my oil paintings

7.4. Travel while working

7.5. Love my job. I can't go through life unhappy with my vocation

7.6. Look back on my career and be proud of the work I did.

7.7. Do graphic design for a charity.

8. What I like about design

8.1. I like being creative

8.2. I need to be using my hands to create

8.3. Making my vacation my vocation

8.4. Sets me up to work in the creatives the rest of my life

8.5. Freedom to express myself and give the project me own twist

8.6. Build skills on adobe creative cloud

9. What kind of company do I want to work for

9.1. Possibly fashion

9.2. Flexible work environment

9.3. Hopefully remote someday

9.4. Would like to work for a charity

9.5. Or a non-profit