English 101 Goals

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English 101 Goals by Mind Map: English 101 Goals

1. Rhetorical Awareness

1.1. Learn strategies for analyzing texts’ audiences, purposes, and contexts as a means of developing facility in reading and writing.

1.2. Goal: be able to recognize different rhetorical strategies/situations within a text

1.2.1. major project reflection 1 and 2

1.3. Goal: be able to analyze different genres

1.3.1. stage one genre analysis

1.3.2. stage two genre analysis

1.3.3. stage three genre analysis

2. Critical Thinking and Composing

2.1. Use reading and writing for purposes of critical thinking, research, problem solving, action, and participation in conversations within and across different communities.

2.2. Goal: learn how to effectively use evidence from different sources

2.2.1. stage three genre analysis

2.2.2. accessing the UA library website, and utilizing it

2.2.3. project 2 observation report

2.2.4. project 2 interview report

2.3. Goal: learn how to discuss evidence

2.3.1. project two final draft

3. Reflection and Revision

3.1. Understand composing processes as flexible and collaborative, drawing upon multiple strategies and informed by reflection.

3.2. Goal: learn how to give constructive criticism

3.2.1. project one 2nd and 3rd draft

3.3. Goal: learn to accept help and constructive criticism from peers

3.3.1. peer review

3.4. Goal: learn how to use feedback in a way that improves my writing

3.4.1. final drafts

3.5. Goal: be able to reflect back on work and understand the purpose of it

3.5.1. exit journals

3.5.2. major project reflections

4. Conventions

4.1. Understand conventions as related to purpose, audience, and genre, including such areas as mechanics, usage, citation practices, as well as structure, style, graphics, and design.

4.2. Goal: become better at recognizing punctual mistakes, such as grammar and spelling

4.2.1. peer review

4.3. Goal: learn how to properly use citations

4.3.1. chapter 28 of How Writing Works

4.3.2. The McDonald's article

4.3.3. Project 2 final draft