NutriScape.NET Site Development

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NutriScape.NET Site Development by Mind Map: NutriScape.NET Site Development

1. Keep Most Elements of Pinsomo Theme


2.1. RD SITE! 10th Priority: RDN-Toolbox FREE tools to use when counseling with client

2.1.1. NutriScape Medical Topic Links to e-mail to client during session Teachable Modules-slideshows to intro topic and invite client to longer course Printable NutriScape Branded Food Lists for each diet

2.2. RDsite

2.3. RDsite

2.4. RDsite

2.4.1. Services Blog Downloads & Ebooks $

3. Persona

3.1. Dietitians

3.1.1. Dietitian-Clinical

3.1.2. Dietitian-Outpatient

3.1.3. Dietitian-Foodservice

3.2. Search Engine Users

3.2.1. Typical Age: 40-65

3.2.2. 75% Female

3.2.3. Medical Problems Weight-50% Diabetes-30% Digestive Problems-20%

3.3. Social Media User

3.4. Medical Office Personnel

4. Theme Requirements

4.1. ALL: masonry layout with:

4.1.1. Block Traffic from outside English Speaking World

4.1.2. ? Sign-in Prompt

4.1.3. Force SSL

4.1.4. ANTI_PLAGERISM TOOLS- sitewide & automated preferably

4.1.5. Social Locker Message

4.1.6. Press This

4.1.7. Yoast

4.2. TELENUTRITION: US/CA/AU/UK Map Functionality with search by name, state, specialty, ?availability?

4.3. FOOD: USE PLUGIN , later ? Build a Recipe/Food Search to search by Ingredient-Multiple Diet Restrictions-prep time

4.3.1. Ultimate Recipe Plugin for Large Recipes Foodservice

4.3.2. Ultimate recipe plugin has all the following functionality Food!

5. MailChimp Signup List Segments

5.1. Dietitians

5.1.1. Hospital/Clinical

5.1.2. FoodService

5.1.3. Nutrition Counseling Interest in GI Interest in Weight, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Cancer Pediatrics

5.1.4. Nutrition Office Management/ Reimbursement

5.1.5. Students & Interns

5.1.6. Telenutrition Providers

5.1.7. NutriScape Authors

5.1.8. E-Course and Webinar Creators

5.1.9. NutriScape Site Owners

5.1.10. PhD's

5.1.11. NutriScape Board of Advisors

5.2. Consumer

5.2.1. Diabetes/ Cardiovascular

5.2.2. Weight Management Bariatric Surgery Kids Weight Management Adult Weight Management

5.2.3. Digestive Health

5.2.4. Young Families

5.2.5. Sports & Wellness

5.3. Mixed

5.3.1. Hunger &Advocacy

5.4. Medical Clinics

6. NutriScape Sites

6.1. 1st Priority: Main NutriScape Site with General interest nutrition focused on health conditions. Also has life cycle nutrition and Nutrient catagories

6.2. 2rd Priority: RDNutriScape

6.2.1. RDN Counseling Practice PAGE w/ special menu Forum E-Courses

6.2.2. RDN Clinical PAGE Forum CEU

6.2.3. RDN Long Term Care PAGE Forum LTC Practice Articles

6.2.4. RDN Public Health PAGE Forum Food Stamp Programs

6.2.5. Corporate Wellness

6.2.6. RDN Research PAGE Forum Analysis of Classic Nutrition Studies

6.2.7. RDN2Be **SITE LINK** Forum Schools and Intern Programs

6.2.8. Pediatrics Page Forum Articles For Peds RDNs

6.2.9. Link to RDN Foodservice

6.2.10. Eating Disorders Page

6.3. 3rd Priority: TeleNutrition site to connect to individual RD Sites that hold the RDs telehealth portals including Practice Better,, Healthie

6.3.1. Dietitians will be USERS in NutriScape.NET G-Suite app--Design a way to have RDN signal her Availability on the Search Site. Use google chat, room, hangout??API/Bots? Similar to indicators on facebook that tell you which friends are available for Chat.

6.4. 4th Priority: NutriScape Authors

6.4.1. Facebook group Article Submission Criteria Article Writing Prompts

6.4.2. In a pinch, use Google forms for feedback & Peer-review

6.5. 5th Priority: USE PLUGIN for Recipe Site for consumer searching diet specific recipes/menus/shop lists -Ultimate Recipe Plugin

6.5.1. Food Products -amazon links Recipe Submission Menu Builder/shopping lists

6.6. 6th Priority: 2019 : SHOULD JUST NEED A FRONT PAGE TEMPLATE. Consumer Oriented Lifestyle Medicine Online Courses and Webinars $

6.6.1. Courses

6.7. 7 th Priority: SHOULD JUST NEED A FRONT PAGE TEMPLATE DietHandout Searchable Site outside shopify to handle only RD handouts & e-books $

6.8. 8th Priority: FoodService Education: NEED PAGE TEMPLATE AND EASY DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.

6.8.1. Sanitation Courses Diet Courses Culinary Courses

6.9. 9th Priority: RDN Foodservice **Site** AND TEACHABLE AND EASY DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.

6.9.1. Foodservice Forum Link promotes NutriScape Foodservice Training Site Foodservice Forms

6.9.2. CEU Stress Management Human Resource Issues

6.10. Hunger & Advocacy Resources

6.11. LOW PRIORITY: SHOPIFY Store is where dietitians can safely direct all clients to go for anything

6.11.1. Digital Downloads AMAZON DietHandouts

7. Monitization

7.1. TeleHealth

7.1.1. 20% of RD's revenue should be 80% of the total revenue

7.2. Courses

7.2.1. 50% revenue split w/ creators Consumer Foodservice employees CEUs


7.3.1. Handouts Downloads

7.3.2. Amazon